Giants, Old Testament Slaughter, Greek Gods, Bigfoot, and Technology – Part 3

It’s time to talk about UFOs and aliens.

First, I recall reading decades ago that many in the Christian community theorized that, if UFOs and aliens do indeed exist, they must be demons or some such in order to perform the incredible maneuvers and appearance of UFOs. It was explained this way: UFOs move with incredible speed, appear and disappear, and even change shape.  How could any of this be possible unless whatever is causing these sights is four dimensional?

To demonstrate this idea, let’s say we are aware of a two dimensional world with living beings. Let’s further say that their world seems to us like a sheet of paper.  Remember, they are two dimensional.  As long as we don’t intersect their world, they cannot see us.  But if we stick our finger through that “sheet of paper,” they will see the sudden appearance of their version of a UFO.  We could move our finger around the sheet with what would look to them as impossible speed, changing direction in defiance of the laws of physics.  In fact, we could change the shape of that UFO from circle to oval just by tilting our finger.  The two dimensional beings would be going nuts trying to explain this, while we laugh at the joke.  All because we have one more dimension of existence.

Let’s say the spiritual, unseen world for us is a fourth dimension (right, I know the fourth dimension is time, but allow me this analogy). We don’t know it’s inhabitants are around until they enter our three dimensional world, intersecting it in (to us) mind-numbing ways.  The question that necessarily comes after this is…WHY?

I can think of three reasons. First, Satan doesn’t need you to believe in him.  He just needs you to opt out of believing in Jesus.  Anything that can detract pushes us in that direction.  It introduces the question of biblical accuracy.  Nothing about aliens in the Bible.  We might start wondering about that and whether the Bible is all that accurate.  Maybe God created other worlds.  Maybe Jesus is just a real man; nothing more.

Second, we’re not likely to buy into Greek gods in this day and age. We are, though, saps for science fiction and outer space.  What could be cooler (more tempting) than to find out it’s all REAL?!?  Our focus continues to shift away from God and toward the exciting prospect of aliens amongst us.  So, instead of coming to us as Greek Gods, they come to us as aliens in fantastic UFOs.

I for one sometimes catch myself thinking how interesting and exciting it would be to see an alien or a bigfoot. Then I have to remind myself that these are agents of Satan.  Was I really contemplating how cool it would be see one?  Jeffrey!  Snap out of it!

Third, introduction of technology. Recall that the Book of Enoch lists the different types of technology that different fallen angels gave to mankind.  This is technology that is employed in conflict/wars.  But today it also is doing something else; it’s a possible means of tracking and controlling populations.

You’ve likely heard of how RFID tags are already available for pets. There’s talk of using them in people for identification, monetary transactions, etc.  In fact, there are now circuit tattoos that will allow you to do the actions above, plus control other stuff in our lives.  I’m sure you’re already thinking about The Mark of the Beast foretold in Revelations.

I recently saw a video about people having an actual mini-computer surgically implanted into their forearms. To get around FDA approvals, the procedures are done without anesthetic.  On top of that, there are reports of psychological side effects suffered by recipients as they work to convince themselves it’s OK to feel this thing interacting with and inside of them.  While it is connected to their nervous system, the box sits on the outside.  This is done so you can easily open the box and introduce upgraded software cards.  Am I making this all up?

The point is that incredible technology – almost entirely in electronics – has mushroomed like an atomic bomb in just the last 100 years or so. The solid state circuit replaced vacuum tubes overnight.  Microchips took a bit longer, but not much.  Where did all of this originate?  Roswell.

Next up: The Technology BOOM!

3 thoughts on “Giants, Old Testament Slaughter, Greek Gods, Bigfoot, and Technology – Part 3

    • I hadn’t thought about that before, but now that you say it, I recall articles about how people who have been abducted display characteristics of demon-possessed also. Great catch and add-on. Thank you!!!

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