Wedding Anniversary #36

Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.    Ecclesiastes 4:12

Yes, I’m a day early with a mid-week article, but today is Julie’s and my 36th wedding anniversary!

My feelings for Julie are as strong as ever.  They have grown and changed over the years into something deeper and calmer.  Time is what I most value in our marriage.  There are the times that have passed that are filled with such great and funny memories as well as trials and genuine fear.

Time not yet spent with her is a treasure I look forward to.  I miss her every time I’m away from home for work and all those quiet moments of just being together.  I yearn for shared meals at our favorite restaurants.  There’s the sheer pleasure of being able to make her laugh and watching her eyes light up.  There’s the incomparable comfort of lying next to her in warmth and peace.

Through it all has been love.  True love.  We’ve lasted this long, because we know that love is more than mere, fleeting emotion.  Love is what God has shown us.  Love is choice!

God chose to stay with humanity after The Fall.  Jesus chose to stay on the cross in the midst of His agony.  God chooses time and again to listen to our constant sorrow over having sinned yet again.  He chooses!

Julie and I aren’t celebrating 36 years of marriage, because the emotions are so pure and strong.  We have lasted this long, because emotions aren’t enough.  Emotions can betray and hurt us.  Only one thing lasts this long; choice!

We didn’t choose to be together for life just on our wedding day.  We choose each other daily.  Sometimes the choice is easy.  Sometimes it’s hard.  I just thank God that He taught us what true love is and has given us the faith and ability to always choose each other.

Julie – thank you for always choosing me…even when I’m not very “choosable.”  Thank you for always being my Jewel.  Thank you for 36 years!!

Click on the like below to hear the song that I wrote with my best friend and best man.  I wrote the lyrics to “She’s my Jewel”, and Rick wrote the music, arrangements, and played all the parts on a synthesizer as well as singing it for me.  After all, he did attend The New England conservatory majoring in voice!  We played the studio recording at the wedding reception for the first time on a professional Bose system.  The evening’s success was measured in running mascara – hers and every other woman’s there!