Giants, Old Testament Slaughter, Greek Gods, Bigfoot, and Technology – Part 4

The debate over what really happened at Roswell, NM continues today. While guesses abound, there are enough witnesses for that occurrence and others to truly give one pause.  And I should point out that I’ve always been a conservative.  I’ve never gotten into conspiracy theories, government plots, etc.  It’s only in the last year I’ve come across all of this and gotten enough information to change my mind on a lot of it.

So Roswell gave us a real UFO with real, advanced technology, and there has been a very closely held cabal of people controlling the information and gradually introducing new tech into our society. The guy who did most all of it at the start was Philip J. Corso.

There are supporters and detractors on anyone in Lt. Colonel Corso’s position. I’ve looked at a few.  They tend to viciousness, which makes me wonder about the reviewers.  I’d say the most honest assessment comes from this sidebar to another article:

“Although some investigators reject Corso’s claims, there can be no doubt about his credentials. After joining the Army in 1942, he served in Army Intelligence in Europe. During the Korean War, he continued his Intelligence duties under General Douglas MacArthur. He rounded out an impressive resume with four years on President Dwight Eisenhower’s national security staff.

The main criticism about his book is that there is a lack of references to documents, which, in my opinion does not necessarily make his claims false. With the reputation that Corso had, and his clearances, it seems highly likely to me that he would have been in a position to see what he saw.”

I’ll leave it to you to Google Philip J. Corso. There is plenty out there on him.  I found an online posting of his book, The Day After Roswell and copied it to make sure I had it and could read it when not online.  The link has since been disabled.  Fortunately for you, it was published in 1997, and the book can still be found online for purchase.  And I can give you the link to the book on Amazon:

The book is his story about how, after being assigned to the Pentagon, he was called into his boss’s office. He was handing over to Corso all documents and artifacts concerning the Roswell spaceship crash.  It came in the form of a large, heavy, secure filing cabinet.  Corso details how he came to introduce these ”prototypes” to trusted defense contractors for reverse engineering.  So Corso was the origin of a number of different “alien” technologies that we now find so familiar; night vision, various sensing devices now common on military aircraft, etc.

One example is a sensing device that has been around for many years. It is part of a fighter jet package that can not only spot enemy aircraft at distance, but identify what type by counting how many fan blades are visible at the inlet of the engine.  Mind you, these engines are spinning at 5000+ rpm!  Let that sink in a moment, and you’ll realize what incredible and weird stuff has come along.

And this is just the stuff we’re allowed to know about. Some believe technology being held back at this time is decades beyond what we are aware of.  You might be skeptical of that, but let’s take a look at an aircraft which was in service with the USAF starting in 1964.

The SR-71 Blackbird. No aircraft since has matched its speed records.  It was made to leak fuel.  Why?  It flew so fast that engineers had to allow room for the expansion of components due to friction-generated heat when it flew at speed (Mach 3+. Actual top speed is still classified).  Turning radius at upper end speeds was measured in hundreds of miles.  It would leave a trail of fuel as it taxied to the runway.

I’m not aware of any evidence that the SR-71 can be traced to Roswell, but the exotic materials needed to operate in such a high speed environment beg the question of where we got the idea to use them. And this was the early 60’s.  It was a huge leap in technology from existing aircraft.

OK; enough examples. Back to the Corso narrative

Corso ended up nick-naming this cabinet of curiosities the Nut File. After all, what would an earthling call such a collection of technology?  Like I said, Google around on any of this stuff.  I know you will find a lot of sources to consider.

Following are the primary sources I’ve based this series on, though not by any means the only ones I’ve read over the past year. I’ve delayed doing this for a while just because it’s all so hard to take in.

The article is a decent treatise on Nephilim and bloodlines. The three videos have good information.  Production values are lousy, and the author isn’t a great speaker, but the information is there.  “Nephilim Here Again” is well-produced and provides a pretty well-encapsulated overview.

There is a lot of material on these topics around the internet. There’s a lot that I don’t buy into.  I look at everything as being in one of three categories.  1) Undeniable, fact-based, dispassionate presentations by professionals (scientists, engineers, etc.) that compel acceptance.  2) Emotional, sensational, over the top rantings that are clearly unsupported and intellectually unsound.  3) People who are not professional, have little or no education, but are intelligent and have figured things out.  In substance, they could fit in category 1.  In style and presentation they can look like category 2.  Whatever you read or watch, be discerning.


VIDEO: Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Nephilim Here Again:

One more source: I discussed this series with a friend who pointed me to a video on YouTube by Trey Smith. Search his name on YouTube and look for his video about Nephilim.  Believe it or not, I had already finished this series when my friend sent me the link to this.  I was happily surprised that someone else came up with the same theories.  I was trying to put together a lot of disparate readings.  Now here’s a video on it with a lot of detail.  By the way; this guy comes across kind of like option 3 above.  His style is a bit out there and he puts a ton of production in the video.  Just listen to him and you’ll see he’s done his homework.

Your ideas are important too!

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