Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 4

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.    Ephesians 6:12

DNA Pirates CoverBuilding on Parts 2 & 3, I want to share something else Horowitz explains to us in “DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral.” Recall that the symbols for vowels in Hebrew mimic the patterns they make, say in sand or, if you have the cash, frequency registration graphing equipment.

This was discovered in 1967 by Swiss researcher Hans Jenny in his book The Structure and Dynamics of Waves and Vibrations. He also worked with “…vibrations, oscillations, pulses, wave motions, pendulum motions…” and more and was able to conclude that “The evidence convincingly demonstrated that all natural phenomena were ultimately dependent on, and possibly entirely determined by, the frequencies of vibrations.”  (emphasis added)

American researchers Stan Tenen and Dan Winter reproduced Jenny’s work on the Hebrew alphabet, confirming his findings. “This knowledge lays the foundation for understanding creationism in the strict sense from Yah’s spoken word as detailed in the Book of Genesis.”

Hebrew WritingHebrew and very closely related languages have been referred to as “sacred languages.” Only they are indeed “sacred” in this way.  Indeed, because of this relationship of waves and vibrations to forms of matter, one could argue that, in a way, along with all of creation we are the visible form of God’s symphony.  In fact, because DNA “facilitates the structuring and regulating activity of all coherent biophoton fields operating in every living thing…(we) are crystallized or precipitated light!”

Weird yet? Buckle up.  Let’s start with a few basic statements of fact:

  • Hebrew is a sacred language, ancient, possibly back to creation itself.
  • It is read right to left
  • The most precise language in the universe is math. Math can be said to be God’s language!
  • English is a later development, having been invented approximately 750 years after Christ died and rose, give or take a quarter millennia
  • English is read left to right.

Why point out the last?

Leaders from among the German Anglo-Saxons and later Normans are who developed English. These same folks were members of European royalty.  They developed English to be “…mathematically reversed from the ancient Sacred Hebrew, Aramaic, and Sanskrit languages.”

These same people who did this were either aligned with or corrupted by the secret Freemasons. How do we know?  Per Horowitz;

“…the Levitical priesthood, that were ordained by the Creator to be keepers of this sacred, spiritual knowledge, was also very knowledgeable about Pythagorean mathematics, electromagnetics, and spiritual energetics.”

Masonic SymbolFurther, the knowledge that these Grand Master Masons possessed was hidden starting at least 3000 years ago. This is certain knowledge, since we know this is when the ancient Levi priests assigned verse numbers to the ancient writings and did so according to specific alphanumeric coding.

David John Oates, an Australian psychologist started research into what we now call reverse speech. For those who don’t know, people trained in the psychological fields are trained mathematicians.  Their information comes from synthesis of large amounts of data which can only be organized and understood through math.

EQUATION-facebookHe assigned a number value to each letter in the English alphabet; A=1, B=2, etc. He used these values to translate basic words, such as “trust”, “faith”, and “God” to come up with the words as numbers.  He would reduce the total of the numerical values of these words using the Pythagorean method of reducing each number to a single digit.  Using this method, he demonstrated that English is indeed a backward language.

Horowitz concludes, “These, along with many other revelations, convinced (Oates) that language was integrated with mathematics, and encoded with electromagnetic frequencies of sound that, as Jenny concluded, relayed spiritual messages between people, and between people and the Creator as well.”

This leaves one final question: To take the sacred language of Hebrew and turn it completely, even mathematically, on its head would be to serve whom better? The Creator or Satan?

Like any good ‘Merican, I’ve been conditioned to hear the guttural, almost windy sounds of Sanskrit languages as something ugly and evil. It brings up images of jetliners and towers, beheadings, etc.  What exquisite irony to discover that the Middle Eastern people haven’t been too far off the mark, at least linguistically speaking,  describing the USA as the Great Satan?

This leaves just one, final irony to relish. At least most of us have heard about evil messages being audible when playing, for example, a Beatles record backwards.  I recently heard a radio program about reversed speech.  The host played recordings of speeches by different figures, and the messages were the opposite of the thrust of the speech!

When I first heard this, I wondered if it was deliberate and how much work it would take to play this sort of “game” with their audiences. The math shows that not only is it unintentional, it is virtually unavoidable.

One of many examples Oates played on national radio was a speech by then President Bill Clinton. Played backwards, you could hear him saying, “I’m nothing but a dirty rotten snake oil salesman.”

Dr. Oates’ contention is that English was developed to “spiritually neutralize the masses.” English effectively is a result of spiritual warfare against the ignorant!

As an American who is at least proud of his country’s history, I find this all very hard to take in. I simply find the argument, research, and facts overwhelming.  Does this mean speaking English makes us inherently evil?  By no means!  It does seem to indicate that it makes things spiritually harder, though.

Lest this sound a bit too fantastical, remember how sound affects matter, Hebrew vowels create resonance patterns that mimic the written letter, and the rest of the facts building to this point.

Fortunately, God looks at our hearts!

NEXT: The history gets involved so the next several installments will be a timeline I’ve constructed based on the text.

Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 3

Matthew 12:36

But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

DNA Pirates CoverContinuing from Part 2, God created our universe by His spoken Word. By the same token, words not in line with God’s love can damage creation.  Simply saying bad things.

When we are cruel with our words, we certainly sin. That is not the love that God has shown us and commands us to copy.  We are to love one another as God has loved us.

But having a mean mouth is something more than just sinfully not loving. It is more than sinfully causing emotional pain to someone else.

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” True or false?

The correct answer is “false.” Why?  Two reasons.  We teach this to our children NOT because it’s true. We teach it to them, because we know that words DO hurt them.  And us.  We’re giving them a lie, a raggedy shield that won’t really protect them.  Emotional distress DOES cause physical damage through stress.  Our hurtful, cruel words are sinful in that they wound other people both emotionally and physically.

The second reason is that words are not ephemeral. They are not a wisp of smoke borne away by the wind.  Recall from yesterday’s post that the written symbols for Hebrew vowels are twins to the vibration patterns they produce on matter.  Vibration carries energy.  Our DNA is a receiver/transmitter for all kinds of vibration.

Yesterday’s post demonstrated that, when God spoke organization of the matter of creation into our world and universe, He did so with actual sound.

When we inject, through our own vibrations of speech, harmful, negative energy into God’s creation, we are directly and literally damaging it. To put it another way, God created a beautiful world.  Perfect.  We have been introducing graffiti all over it ever since the fall with our own sinful words; not just sinful actions.

Have you seen spray paint graffiti on native rock? I have this week, driving through the Smoky Mountains.  Every time we speak foul vibrations into God’s creation, we are doing no less to Him and our fellow creatures.

If someone went at you with spray paint, that’s every bit the same thing as painting you with foul words. It’s there even though our eyes can’t see it. But believe me; God sees and hears it.

Graffiti is ugly and disrespectful. Whether we can see it or not is irrelevant.  God sees what you have permanently sprayed onto His creation with your mouth

We all have done it. We will all continue to do it, despite our best intentions and desire to be God’s children.  We can thank Him that our graffiti of speech damaging God’s perfect word of creation is forgiven.  It’s washed away by the blood of Jesus.

NEXT: English vs. the “sacred languages.”

Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 2

“I’m pickin’ up good vibrations…”   WILSON, BRIAN DOUGLAS / LOVE, MIKE E., The Beach Boys

DNA Pirates CoverI know I normally start with a Bible verse, but tonight’s talk about DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral had this lyric careening between my ears all evening.

I got through explaining in Part 1 how our DNA acts as a receiver/transmitter for vibrations from throughout creation. Those vibrations signal our DNA to act in certain ways in morning and evening hours, under various conditions, etc. such that our general health can be adversely or positively affected.  DNA is shaped in a spiral, because, as we know from science class, a coiled wire generates and receives electrical fields/vibrations better than a straight wire.

Impact Vibration

“Growing fairly alarmed here…”

Tonight we’re looking at sound vibrations in particular. Do you remember the first Jurassic Park movie?  They could tell when the T-Rex was approaching due to the impact of its steps causing “impact vibrations” in a cup of water or puddle on the ground.  In the immortal words of Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm upon seeing a puddle vibrate:


“Um,…Thaat’s an impact vibration. Growing fairly alarmed here…”

So we know that vibrations affect matter. Great!  One down.

Cymatics is the science of the connections between sound, vibrations and physical reality (emphasis added).  German investigator Peter Petterson wrote one of the best treatises on this topic, reviewing the work of the world’s top researchers.

His first examination was of the work by Ernst Chladni (1756), who pioneered and first observed the effect of sounds on the surface of matter, founding the discipline we now call “acoustics.”  The shapes he saw form in water, sand, etc. were called “Chladni figures” for him.

After him, American Nathaniel Bowditch followed up on Chladni’s work. He studied “…the patterns created by the intersection of two sine curves whose…”


funny-face-hair-sleeping-in-classBottom line, certain combinations of two sounds created patterns on the surface of matter. In certain ratios, sounds at or close to whole number ratios would produce different physical patterns.


Did you ever wonder where the Hebrew alphabet came from? Me neither.  But it turns out that the vowel sounds of the Hebrew alphabet produce a vibration pattern almost identical to the written vowel itself!

Modern man needed frequency registration graphing equipment to discover this little tidbit some 6000 years after the language was first used!

Significant Bible Verses time:

Genesis 1:3   “And God said…”

John 1:1-3   “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

Do you see now why this is so mind-blowing?!? God speaking creation into existence isn’t just metaphorical or magical and miraculous outside the laws of nature.  It’s LITERAL!  Imagine the booming, universe-filling thunder of God’s own voice vibrating matter and light into the creation we now live in (but, of course, without sin!)  Jesus was the voice of God, His Word.  This was God working within His own laws of physics to shape the matter He had made into the known universe!

NEXT: Why words matter, and God says He will hold us accountable for our words.

The Exploitation By “To The Bone”

This is an issue that screams for proper handling and care. Please take the time to 1) Read this entire article and 2) Re-blog it yourself, send people email links to it…whatever. These NetFlix productions cannot be rewarded in the marketplace. If you really want to know about anorexia and “starting a dialogue,” pay attention to someone who is officially one of the most highly regarded bloggers in the world when it comes to anorexia: BeautyBeyondBones


Before tonight’s zinger..which…I’m fired up tonight, so get ready….

Eating dis transparent_1000px

But first, I have some incredibly exciting news to share.

I just found out that BeautyBeyondBones was ranked in the Top 25 Eating Disorder Recovery Websites on the World Wide Web!

So thank you with all my heart for taking the time out of your busy lives to read my words.

OK…now onto tonight’s main event.

As you know, I was utterly disgusted at Netflix for their irresponsible and harmful depiction of teenage suicide in “13 Reasons Why.


You’d think they’d have learned their lesson after the backlash by the public, and several tragic copy-cat teenage suicides post-airing. But no.

In fact, they’ve done it again….

And this time…it’s about anorexia.

The movie is called To The Bone” and it is being released on July 14.

They just premiered the trailer.

I watched it.


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Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 1

I started this series last September, but found myself having a difficult time keeping it going. It proved a much more complex topic than I anticipated.  I’ve now found the time to rework it a tad as well as bring the series to a conclusion unlike last year.  I pray you find it informative and, ultimately, useful!


The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.    Psalm 19:1

And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.     Luke 19:40

DNA Pirates Cover“DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral” by Len Horowitz.  I ran into Horowitz’s work on line and was fascinated.  So much so that I bought a used copy for over $50 through Amazon.  It’s been out of print for a while and is apparently in very high demand.  I settled for used when I saw that mint copies were starting over $100 and spiking over $200.

Drawing on his own work as well as that of his colleagues and even some Nobel laureates, he has produced a volume that explains and documents of the true role of DNA in life. Directing protein synthesis is indeed a function of DNA, but only a very small part of its overall job, as designed by God.

What I’ll try to do here is summarize key points about the book. My background in science, meagre as it is, is in historic geology.  Biology is virgin territory for me.  As I continue through the book, I’ll work at distilling the science down to what I’m able to take away from it.  We’ll read it together in my posts, so to speak.

THE REASON FOR THE TITLE – Who are the Pirates? I’ll rely on quotes here:

Regarding the “Pirates of the Sacred Spiral,” many mischievous activities have centered at The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) in collaboration with leading globalists and pharmaceutical industrialists…

Evidence will be presented linking (them) to the individuals and institutions underlying various genocidal atrocities that have been committed under the guises of “public health” and/or “national security” during the past century…

These data may help explain current geopolitical trends and economic agendas, from the growing reliance on genetically modified consumables…to medical and pharmaceutical “advances” alleged to address emerging diseases. You will discover that the pirates and their close associates profitably play with mutating microbes, related disease epidemics, and exploding rates of man-made illnesses including cancer.  Selected quotes, page 11.

While this might sound fairly wild, put simply he’s saying that the leading researchers in studying the human genome are funded and led by the Rockefellers, who are suspect as a behind-the-scenes manipulator of world events, Britain’s royal family (whose crest appears on the website), and elements of the medical community.  While the project was initially able to hide much of what they learned and kept hidden for years, the rest of the scientific community has been able to discover through other avenues what the project had hidden.

DNA-strandNamely our DNA’s primary function is as a transmitter/receiver of energy waves; vibrations of light, sound, and even electromagnetics.


“In short, your DNA is both a crystal receiver and harmonic player developed to perform symphonies transmitted by a Divine orchestra.” Pg 8.

In the end, everything about life is based on electricity. Electricity, is essentially atomic, right?  It’s the flow of electrons from atoms as current and energy.  Atoms and their subcomponents vibrate.  They are constantly in motion.  WE vibrate!

Light waves vibrate. They come in waves, which are vibrations of energy.

Here’s an example; jet lag. We all know of it, but what do we know about it?  We know there’s an interruption of sleep cycle, but we don’t fully understand or appreciate why.  Horowitz and company explain it this way.

You may be thinking, as am, that the sleep cycle is interrupted by the sunrise and sunset coming at “different” times. Fair enough.  But when have we stopped to consider HOW the light affects us?  What is the mechanism that allows mere light to have such an effect?

In the morning, light from the sun is dominated by one end of the light spectrum. Its vibrations are received by our DNA, and agitates it toward wakefulness (vastly oversimplified, but there it is).  The opposite happens in the evening.  Jet lag isn’t at all about the time change.  It’s about our DNA and bodies being “confused” by the ill-timed reception of certain vibrations.  Our systems try to reset to the altered cycle of vibrations.

Our DNA is listening to the symphony of wakefulness and sleep that God has made for us. But we moved across the planet fast enough to short circuit the pattern of that signal.

Symphony_D2X_0027018_730x240This is one example of how God, through Creation, plays to us His symphony of life and love.

Another thing from several decades ago was talk about people’s auras. Some psychics claimed they could see a person’s aura.  Photographs could be done such that one could see an actual aura around a person.  We now know the mechanism for that.  While our DNA is a receiver of vibrations, it is also a transmitter.  We are something akin to a huge antenna array with a small antenna in each cell of our body.  What do we transmit?  Very low level light, for starters.

Why is the DNA molecule shaped in a spiral? Going back to electromagnetics, we know that a straight wire does not generate the electric field that coiled wire does.  DNA is coiled to facilitate reception and transmission of the energy waves in our environment.

Made by God as an antenna to hear the most minute sounds of His symphony of life and love to us, our DNA is indeed, a Sacred Spiral.

NEXT: Sound vibrations and their effect on matter.