Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 1

I started this series last September, but found myself having a difficult time keeping it going. It proved a much more complex topic than I anticipated.  I’ve now found the time to rework it a tad as well as bring the series to a conclusion unlike last year.  I pray you find it informative and, ultimately, useful!


The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.    Psalm 19:1

And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.     Luke 19:40

DNA Pirates Cover“DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral” by Len Horowitz.  I ran into Horowitz’s work on line and was fascinated.  So much so that I bought a used copy for over $50 through Amazon.  It’s been out of print for a while and is apparently in very high demand.  I settled for used when I saw that mint copies were starting over $100 and spiking over $200.

Drawing on his own work as well as that of his colleagues and even some Nobel laureates, he has produced a volume that explains and documents of the true role of DNA in life. Directing protein synthesis is indeed a function of DNA, but only a very small part of its overall job, as designed by God.

What I’ll try to do here is summarize key points about the book. My background in science, meagre as it is, is in historic geology.  Biology is virgin territory for me.  As I continue through the book, I’ll work at distilling the science down to what I’m able to take away from it.  We’ll read it together in my posts, so to speak.

THE REASON FOR THE TITLE – Who are the Pirates? I’ll rely on quotes here:

Regarding the “Pirates of the Sacred Spiral,” many mischievous activities have centered at The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) in collaboration with leading globalists and pharmaceutical industrialists…

Evidence will be presented linking (them) to the individuals and institutions underlying various genocidal atrocities that have been committed under the guises of “public health” and/or “national security” during the past century…

These data may help explain current geopolitical trends and economic agendas, from the growing reliance on genetically modified consumables…to medical and pharmaceutical “advances” alleged to address emerging diseases. You will discover that the pirates and their close associates profitably play with mutating microbes, related disease epidemics, and exploding rates of man-made illnesses including cancer.  Selected quotes, page 11.

While this might sound fairly wild, put simply he’s saying that the leading researchers in studying the human genome are funded and led by the Rockefellers, who are suspect as a behind-the-scenes manipulator of world events, Britain’s royal family (whose crest appears on the website), and elements of the medical community.  While the project was initially able to hide much of what they learned and kept hidden for years, the rest of the scientific community has been able to discover through other avenues what the project had hidden.

DNA-strandNamely our DNA’s primary function is as a transmitter/receiver of energy waves; vibrations of light, sound, and even electromagnetics.


“In short, your DNA is both a crystal receiver and harmonic player developed to perform symphonies transmitted by a Divine orchestra.” Pg 8.

In the end, everything about life is based on electricity. Electricity, is essentially atomic, right?  It’s the flow of electrons from atoms as current and energy.  Atoms and their subcomponents vibrate.  They are constantly in motion.  WE vibrate!

Light waves vibrate. They come in waves, which are vibrations of energy.

Here’s an example; jet lag. We all know of it, but what do we know about it?  We know there’s an interruption of sleep cycle, but we don’t fully understand or appreciate why.  Horowitz and company explain it this way.

You may be thinking, as am, that the sleep cycle is interrupted by the sunrise and sunset coming at “different” times. Fair enough.  But when have we stopped to consider HOW the light affects us?  What is the mechanism that allows mere light to have such an effect?

In the morning, light from the sun is dominated by one end of the light spectrum. Its vibrations are received by our DNA, and agitates it toward wakefulness (vastly oversimplified, but there it is).  The opposite happens in the evening.  Jet lag isn’t at all about the time change.  It’s about our DNA and bodies being “confused” by the ill-timed reception of certain vibrations.  Our systems try to reset to the altered cycle of vibrations.

Our DNA is listening to the symphony of wakefulness and sleep that God has made for us. But we moved across the planet fast enough to short circuit the pattern of that signal.

Symphony_D2X_0027018_730x240This is one example of how God, through Creation, plays to us His symphony of life and love.

Another thing from several decades ago was talk about people’s auras. Some psychics claimed they could see a person’s aura.  Photographs could be done such that one could see an actual aura around a person.  We now know the mechanism for that.  While our DNA is a receiver of vibrations, it is also a transmitter.  We are something akin to a huge antenna array with a small antenna in each cell of our body.  What do we transmit?  Very low level light, for starters.

Why is the DNA molecule shaped in a spiral? Going back to electromagnetics, we know that a straight wire does not generate the electric field that coiled wire does.  DNA is coiled to facilitate reception and transmission of the energy waves in our environment.

Made by God as an antenna to hear the most minute sounds of His symphony of life and love to us, our DNA is indeed, a Sacred Spiral.

NEXT: Sound vibrations and their effect on matter.

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