Will DNA Identification be Part of End Times?

“Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’[c] spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place” (whoever reads, let him understand), 16 “then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains…”   Matthew 24:15-16

John’s account of his Revelation from Jesus relates many natural and unnatural disasters. Matthew 24 is a sort of Cliff Notes version of Revelation. The passage above describes an act of man which will help signal the Great Tribulation. There will be others also, including the infamous, enigmatic Mark of the Beast, which no one yet can definitively predict despite several promising candidates.

DNA Pirates CoverDNA is a great tool in medical care and solving crimes. It also has the potential for great abuse by governments for population control. A lot of that potential has already happened, as described in the book DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral by Leonard G. Horowitz. I did a multi-part synopsis of the book, starting with Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 1. DNA research has been very tightly controlled by the Carnegies and Rockefellers going back about 100 years. It was their work and funding, along with money and support from the Bush and Rothschild families among others that gave Hitler his start. Their collective efforts have been part of covert eugenics and sterilization programs in the Third World since. See the series. Better yet, get the book.

Information is power…and control! Under the guise of consumerism – as usually happens – Japan started collecting fingerprints to be used as ID’s and credit cards for the 2020 Olympics. See Technology and Control.

Another piece of government tech that gathers detailed information on the population was put in play in Detroit’s airport over a year ago. It’s called CLEAR:

It’s called CLEAR and it’s now in operation at the airport’s McNamara Terminal. Certified as a qualified anti-terrorism technology…we take 10 fingerprints with a digital reader, we take a scan of their iris, and we take a high-res photo of their face.

Understand that, unless you’re a criminal or have applied for a concealed/carry handgun permit, the government does not have your fingerprints, let alone your iris scan and a photo that can be used by facial recognition software.

DNA collection has also begun in China. This recent article, China Snares Innocent and Guilty Alike to Build World’s Biggest DNA Database, reveals how various parts of the Chinese government in certain regions have begun taking DNA samples of the population, often without telling the people exactly why they are spitting in a cup or having their mouths swabbed. From the article:

DNA-strandMany of the ways Chinese police are collecting samples are impermissible in the U.S. In China, DNA saliva swabs or blood samples are routinely gathered from people detained for violations such as forgetting to carry identity cards or writing blogs critical of the state, according to documents from a national police DNA conference in September and official forensic journals.

Others aren’t suspected of any crime. Police target certain groups considered a higher risk to social stability. These include migrant workers and, in one city, coal miners and home renters, the documents show.

In Baishan, a city bordering North Korea, residents of a home for the elderly were told they were getting free health checks

Continuing later in the article…

Marrying DNA profiles with real-time surveillance tools, such as monitoring online activity and cameras hooked to facial-recognition software, would help China’s ruling Communist Party develop an all-encompassing “digital totalitarian state,” says Xiao Qiang, adjunct professor at the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Information.

These local and regional authorities – not national agencies – have put up the argument that they are using the database to only solve crimes. They have indeed solved some large cases based on the DNA they’ve collected. However, they are casting a very wide net, covering the population of entire communities to catch one, admittedly very bad, criminal. Who’s to say if all of this DNA data won’t be used badly later on?

One police agency admitted to as much:

1984The police went door to door, telling people they were conducting a census or registering families of missing persons. In one town, the police said they were studying disease patterns in the area, enlisting the help of teachers and medical workers to collect samples, according to a paper presented at the conference.

“We’re transforming DNA technology from simply a criminal investigation tool into an important initiative for social control and safety keeping,” the Ningxia police wrote in the paper.


Once a door is opened a crack, it becomes easier to push it open a bit farther, right?

Other countries that have considered building a DNA database of all citizens, including Portugal and Kuwait, have backtracked in the face of public opposition, according to local news reports.

Portugal and Kuwait aren’t going to get away with it just now. Nor is anyone else. Yet.


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