A Lousy Day

“He shall bruise your head,…”   Matthew 3:15

Today is Tuesday. It feels like a bunch of piled up Mondays.  Maybe I should find a hole to crawl into somewhere.  I think I’d prefer that right now.

I made a mistake last week at work. I found out this morning.  The whole day has been nothing but damage control.  It was something so basic, I can’t believe I missed it.  But I did, and that’s that.

Readers know I’ve had health problems; bypass, major surgery, etc. I’m not young anymore.  Things are gradually fading.  I had myself tested this year for possible onset of…senility.  Yeah, that’s sounds fairly benign.  At the end of it, I had a memory test.  The doctor scored the test and said it was actually a fairly impressive display…for someone my age.  I got stuff most people miss.

Still, I know I’m not what I once was. That’s not a very fun realization.  But there is hope.

When God caught Adam and Eve with their hands in the cookie jar, He informed them that they will return to the dust of the ground whence they came. I recall my pastor giving us the literal translation of the Hebrew.

“And, dying, you will die.”

In other words, we don’t just sail along until the chime strikes midnight and we keel over. We’re dying every day.  It’s another way of saying life is terminal.  It’s happening every day from birth.

I had a very good weekend. Thanks to MakeItUltra I had a huge surge in readership and new followers.  Things are going fairly well at the moment, then today happened.  I honestly think Satan likes to let us have some fun and then zing us right when we’re riding the wave.  OK, old boy.  Have your fun while you can.  You’re going to have your pointy tail handed to you before much longer.

Eve’s Seed is coming for you. He’s going to bruise your head – some translations say “crush,” which I prefer.  When He’s done, he’ll tell me and everyone who believed Him to come on home.

No more days like today.

15 thoughts on “A Lousy Day

  1. Hi Jeffrey just know you are not alone we all have lousy days that test us! So what if you consider yourself old! You are just seasoned and mature and being “old” is not a bad thing. I make mistakes all the time and I usually get yelled at at my work but it doesn’t matter I am still loved and I am a good person. You are a great guy and thank you so much for sharing ❤️ I wish you a great rest of the week!!!

  2. Reblogged this on MakeItUltra™ and commented:
    Hi Everyone,

    Let me start by saying I consider myself more spiritual than religious. That being said, I can’t help but to be inspired when I see someone’s faith (no matter what belief) deliver them through difficult times. I wanted to share another post by Jeff (who I prefer to respectfully call Mr. King). One day I would be lucky to have the wisdom you do kind Sir.


    • You can have it today, Eric. Pick up a bible and read. The Gospels, Proverbs, Genesis, Exodus..all good starts. You might be surprised!

      Thank you for your support and positive spirit! This means a great deal to me !

  3. Hey, I’ve got a little patina on me, myself. We’ve traded in a little quickness and stamina for wisdom, insight, and self control. Come to think of it, it was the verses on wisdom that stirred my soul as a teenager, and younger. I remember praying for wisdom…and I believe my prayers have been answered in the affirmative.

    As for the evil one, I love watching him shrink, shrivel, and slither away when I turn on him in the Name of my Lord Jesus Christ and
    protect myself and my loved ones with the sacred blood of the Lamb…thanks be to God.

    • I debated on whether to publish this, but sometimes others like to know they aren’t alone on those lousy days. And now you and several others have left me such kind words… And I think that’s what our blogging is about in large part. God Bless!!!

  4. I agree with Floating Speck & Eric.

    I had a pretty rough day, as well.

    Seems my husband, Teddy had a great day for the both of us. Positive moments are rare here.

    We feel ya. I am only 34; but with all the enemy has thrown at me (that Daddy God has spared me from suffering terminally because of)…at this time…

    I can truly relate to that unpleasant feeling of realization that you just flat out…aren’t what you once were. And that it will most likely progress…as time does.

    It may not change much…but maybe reassurance you’re not alone will help the note you end on tonight.

    I apologize for any spelling errors. My auto correct drives me bonkers nowadays. And like we were talking about…my brain has suffered much.

    I thought this post was awesome. I love raw, authentic…tell it like it is writings. Honestly, I don’t waste my time on reading much else these days. ♡

    • My goodness, Erin! What kind words you’ve given me! That feeling of being less was very distinctive after my bypass surgery. It just seems to be increasing lately, but maybe it’s just work.

      I am sad to hear that you are having similar problems. It seems to have no effect on your writing! Your message of support and understanding is a gift, and I thank you! Between your note now and my wife just getting home from work, well, a good end to my evening!

  5. Friend, God loves you, more than you can imagine, turn your ways from evil and accept Jesus as your savior, give to him everything you have all the pain and the joy all the praise and everything. Just surrender to him, and he will make you strong again. In Jesus Name I pray this that may your faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God, save you. Amen Hallelujah

  6. I came to read this from MakeItUltra who posted something that appeared to me after I blogged for the day at one location. I wanted to mention that I read recently about a diet that heals the memory of people, including the elderly and it relates directly to real molecules in the mind. The right diet will clean out some junk that actually harms the memory quite a bit. Look it up online. Miracle diet, healing memory the cure for Alzheimers – oh Heck, maybe I can find it for you and post the link http://drhyman.com/blog/2010/06/14/9-steps-to-reverse-dementia-and-memory-loss-as-you-age-2/. I found one that explained a specific diet in specific quantities at certain times of the day. The good stuff builds up in the body and wipes out the ‘bad guy molecules’. People reported ‘getting their father back’ from severe conditions caused by memory loss. You aren’t helpless to protect yourself. Don’t forget to exercise and get enough stimulation. Half the problems caused for older people are life conditions that mimic ‘neglect’ to varying degrees of severity. I read about a man in awesome physical condition who did not even start weight lifting until he was in his 40s. So, because he is older he has still lost some hair and has to eat tomatoes and go to bed on time rather than going and getting drunk afterwards and bouncing back in the morning….or something, but it really works. I strongly believe that the second half of life is not supposed to just suck.

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