Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 21

DNA Pirates CoverFor our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.   Ephesians 6:12

The Rockefellers have been and continue to be part of the eugenics movement; population control and elimination of “undesirable” populations. Lest there be any doubt about this, their company engaged in such horrendous, pro-Nazi behavior that then Senator Harry Truman described their role regarding Hitler’s regime as “treasonous.”  He was quite correct per the Constitution of The United States of America.

On September 22, 1947, Federal Judge Charles Clark issued against the Rockefellers in a civil case brought against Standard Oil. From his ruling, they…

“…can be considered an enemy national in view of its relationship with I.G. Farben after the United States and Germany had become active enemies.” Pg. 267

Additionally –

“Two months later, merely days before the Rockefeller-controlled United Nations voted on the question of a Jewish “promised land,” David Ben-Gurion, and other Jewish intelligence officers, entered Nelson Rockefeller’s office. They “arrived with their dossier” of incriminating proof that he had personally “committed treason against The United States of America…They had his Swiss bank records with the Nazis, his signature on correspondence setting up the German cartel, transcripts of his conversations with Nazi agents during the war, and finally, evidence of his complicity in helping Allen Dulles smuggle Nazi war criminals and money from the Vatican to Argentina.”

They blackmailed him into swinging the decisive South American vote at the United Nations to establish the state of Israel!

IsraelIsn’t it ironic that God, in his infinite Power, established the long-promised re-emergence of the nation of Israel, using the vote of its enemies to seal the victory!

Unfortunately, the Rockefellers fell back, regrouped, and plowed ahead as they have always done. They never accept defeat; they just learn from their mistakes, improve their methods, and renew their efforts.  See Part 8 and the timeline entry for 1940.

They became masters of propaganda. The Rockefeller-Farben partnership directed the Sloan and Kettering foundations to not only pursue the development and promotion of highly ineffective and risky chemotherapy, but they permeated America with their lies directly through their mailboxes.

readers-digestLaurance Rockefeller (was)…the director of Reader’s Digest “with 18 million circulation and National Geographic wth 10 million circulation,” according to author Eustice Mullins. This meant that the Rockefeller Brothers Fund director personally influenced at least 28 million middle class American households per month.  Further evidencing this fact, Mullins cited Dr. Ralph Moss, former public relations director for the Sloan-Kettering cancer center, as having acknowledged Reader’s Digest as the reputable “barometer of orthodox thinking on the cancer problem.” (Mullins, 1995)  Pg. 176

But their efforts didn’t end there. They granted funds to famous propagandists to write books, spinning stories that would benefit their ends.  One was The Hot Zone by Richard Preston who is a known CIA affiliate.  I read that book when it came out many years ago and was fascinated by the tale.  It posits that AIDS actually came from a huge, bat-infested cave in Africa where monkeys were infected with and HIV pathogen amongst the bat guano.  The virus, he wrote, mutates quickly and was passed into humans who hunted monkeys for food.

Next: Nelson Rockefeller’s agents inside the US government.

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