Inflation on Gas Prices

The New York Post reported today on President Bidens speech today.  Biden praised high gas prices saying “[When] it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over.”

Also, from NYP:

The president then insisted that his administration’s actions, rather than increasing the price of gas, had actually been able to “keep it from getting worse — and it’s bad.”

Now hold on there a second, Sparky!  I have two problems, and first is his flip-flop on prices.  First, high gas prices are a good thing, an incredible transition.  Second, he tries to look the hero for keeping the, down.

The main problem I have is that transition thing.  To what are we going to transition?  100% electric cars?  I’ve got some news for everyone who think they’re helping the world by getting an electric car.

First, you’ve only moved the carbon emissions from your tailpipe to the nearest smokestack.  Electricity comes largely from carbon fuels.  Windmills are highly inefficient.  The only reason they seem to be financially viable to end users is that the government subsidizes them.  Without that, PFFFT!  Solar panels are nice on homes, but they too are not enough to completely replace carbon-based power plants.  The only truly viable alternative is hydroelectric power, but not everyone has a Niagara Falls in the neighborhood.

Second are those marvelous lithium batteries.  Some of the largest lithium deposits are in Africa where most everyone buys it.  Unfortunately, those mines are worked by forced child labor.

From my Christian perspective, I don’t think God approves of that child labor.  I also wonder about where those depleted lithium batteries go.  I Googled for information on lithium batteries.  Here is what I found:

The latest research by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) estimates 40,000 children are working in DRC mines. British Sky News also investigated the Katanga mines and found children, aged eight, and four.

Most lithium-ion batteries that are recycled today go through a process called “shredding”, where the battery is shredded up into very small pieces. After shredding, this so-called “black mass” is processed to extract valuable metals like cobalt and nickel.

The entire lithium extraction process contributes to an increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Lithium miners cut down trees and remove all other life forms from their targeted mining areas to eliminate obstructions.

(Kinda like fossil fuels, yes?)

Lithium mining is a source of pollution and can have negative environmental impacts. However, there is no reason to think it will have a worse impact than the ongoing one caused by pumping oil out of the deep soil, by refining it and by transporting it to petrol stations all around the globe (by boat and car).

Well…at least it won’ be any worse than drilling for oil!

That seems to be what Biden thinks, anyway!

4 thoughts on “Inflation on Gas Prices

  1. The wages of sin is death. Technology is only a pill for the relief of our pain, not our salvation. If you knew the side effects of some pills you might not want to take them. Salvation only comes from our sovereign God and King, Jesus Christ the Lord. Our Christian bodies are God’s temple for our soul. Our sinful flesh will die and return to the dust of the earth from which it was created by God. Our souls are immortal and will never die. Jesus declares us righteous, by his gracious gift of faith when we believe in him. Because of his death on a cross, suffered hell, resurrected himself to earth three days later, ascended into heaven and sits on the right hand of Almighty God the Father, he was given a glorified body that will never die and will rule with a rod of iron forever. He is the King of king and Lord of Lords. When someone dies he leaves a will of inheritance. No greater love has anyone that they would die for you, perchance for a good person but not for a bad person as Jesus did. Christians have the right to be called the little children of God. An inheritance is left to Jesus’ relatives and friends, washed clean of sin and sanctified by his body and blood. All of man’s problems began when our first parent’s, Adam and Eve wanted to be like God to know good and evil. At first they only knew God from whom all blessing flow. “When God forbids doing something is it evil if you do it and will you die thereafter?” The snake said the big lie, “Surely you won’t die and you will be like God, with the knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve left mankind an inheritance of sinful flesh and death.

  2. Check out PragerU for some short videos which give the facts on the true costs of alternative energy. They cover wind, solar, and nuclear, as well as the unspoken costs of all of them. Bottom line is none of them outside nuclear are worth anything more than as minor supplements to fossil fuels. And the waste they produce with the batteries and worn out solar panels surpasses that of plastic bottles. Quite the eye openers.

    • Kenneth, thank you for the lead. Crazy coincidence that I stumbled onto a TED talk this morning about this very topic; the “front end” pollution and environmental damage from solar and wind power. I’ll look for PragerU. Again – thanks for the lead!

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