And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.   Genesis 2:18loneliness

There’s the old saying that idle hands are the devil’s tool. As if he’s only got one arrow in his quiver to shoot at mankind.

Loneliness is indeed a tool, an arrow Satan can use against us. We expect we’ll know when we’ve been hit, because we’ll feel that loneliness, that grief of having no one to share an experience, indeed, a life with.

Unfortunately, he’s much craftier than that. Do you think you could possibly be alone and lonely without ever really knowing it?  If you’re hesitating, let me just tell you that the correct answer is “Yes.”

Exhibit #1 –Anywhere, any time; people stare into their cell phones looking at who-knows-what, oblivious to everyone and everything around them.people-with-smartphones

We are so plugged in that we don’t even realize how cut off we are.  We don’t understand how lonely we are, because we are being filled with so much data; most of it useless.  Do you recall the short-lived challenges for people to put their phones down at a meal on a trial basis just to see what it would be like?  *sigh*

Exhibit 2 – Everyone’s favorite subject/temptation: SEX! We’ve been successfully weaned onto cell phones and video games.  The next step is to wean us further away from reality to literally start mating with our technology!  No, it is no longer enough to allow it to screw with our minds, if you’ll pardon the expression.  Satan is tricking us into the Full Monty as regards to whom…’scuse me…what we’re getting into bed with.

Let’s look at it in descending order, shall we?

London Daily Mail article – Inside the Creepy World of Web Cam Girls. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4076398/Inside-creepy-world-web-cam-girls-young-women-stripping-rooms-men-world-pays-better-working-shop.html


This, my friends, is a twofer for ol’ pointytail. He’s convincing guys to satisfy themselves by paying young girls to strip and perform sexual acts via web-cam for cash.  One girl even has a whiteboard menu of what she charges for doing what.  Some are private sessions.  Some sound like a Pay-per-View boxing match where a girl can sell “tickets” to her online performance scheduled for (date & time).

This setup is a twofer in that the girl can “perform” in her own bedroom with no one physically present. There’s no disgust or shame for her in experiencing the leering, vulgar men.  And that’s much bigger than you might think.  I spoke with someone months ago who told me he would befriend the girls at a friend’s strip bar.  He’d check on them, try to give them a corset-wedding-dress-lingerie-pinterestfriendly ear, because they are all having or starting substance abuse problems generated by the disgust and guilt of their job! Doing the same things and more on the web seems to entail none of that.  However naked, however raunchy, it’s just a machine, a camera.  And the guys are still having their issues, satisfying needs with a flashing screen, not a real person.

Once this gets to be old hat, one needs something more…intense, more real. Enter…

SILICONCUBINES: Sex Robots Will Let Kinky Couples Enjoy Raunchy Threesomes WITHOUT Getting Jealous https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2311614/kinky-couples-will-be-able-to-enjoy-futurist-threesomes-without-getting-jealous-experts-claim/


So says a leading sex therapist. See?  It’s a medical procedure, which legitimizes it and removes guilt!  Why am I suddenly thinking of medical marijuana being legalized followed shortly afterwards by legalized recreational use in some states?

“Yeah, Bob, I got me one of those Siliconcubines, but it’s for medicinal purposes only.  And I don’t even need an extra joint for her…um, it.”

(Ian) Kerner, who was writing for CNN, said: “The hypothetical applications of sex robots and related products, part of a field called technosexuality, seem endless.  (Oh.  Good.)

“I could see couples using them to enact fantasies, such as a threesome, that they might not feel comfortable trying with real people.

“If one partner has a higher libido, a robot could allow him or her to enjoy a fulfilling sex life without straying.

“Couples will have to assess how they define “cheating” for robot-involved threesomes to work,” Kerner added.

Sex therapist Heather McPherson said: “If you haven’t discussed it with your partner it’s cheating.”

Am I the only one here who is astounded by just how galactically insane that even sounds?!?  The one-liners trying to get out of my head are just killing me right now, which is a sure sign of just how bat-guano crazy this whole thing is getting!

God did not create something requiring D cell batteries or a step-down transformer to help the human race deal with loneliness. He created another person!  He created two very different types of human being, custom-made to mesh with and complete each other.  Let’s say it again – COMPLETE each other!  Through a complete lifetime!


St. Paul wrote that some people are celibate, because that is their calling, that is what their personal nature calls for. But, for the vast majority of humanity, each of us is only half, arguably less than half, of what God originally created us to be in tandem with our other, better half.wood

So, on this New Year’s Eve, are you lonely? Are you staring into a screen instead of your date’s eyes?  Is your date a potential mate or just a fill-in to keep your loneliness at bay?

Pray for God’s guidance and providence to lead you to your help meet or re-connect with whomever you’ve already been blessed with. Leave your computer and cell phones for spreadsheets, phone calls, research,…and blogging.