The Father

And some of the Pharisees called to Him from the crowd, “Teacher, rebuke Your disciples.”  40 But He answered and said to them, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.”    Luke 19:39-40

I spoke to our unborn first child every night before my wife and I went to sleep.  Every night I said the same thing.

“Hello.  This is your daddy.  I hope you’re doing well in there.  We can’t wat to finally meet you and see who you are.”

My wife finally went into labor, but things weren’t going too well.  She had to have an emergency Cesarean.  It went well for both mother and child.  I went to the nursery shortly after to see my new daughter.  She was wrapped in blankets with a cute, little stocking cap on her head.  She was fussing, so I leaned close to her and started talking to her.  Her fussing stopped, and she cocked her head listening.  She then relaxed and fell asleep, secure having heard my voice.

She had a dad-shaped “hole” in her life, which was filled when she heard my voice.  It calmed her…put her at peace.

Sadly, too many people have a God-shaped “hole” in their lives, their souls waiting to be filled.  They try to fill it with drugs, sex, and whatever else they can find.  With any mention of God banned from schools, with generations not attending churches, because most do not boldly preach God’s word, they don’t know where to find God.

And yet His voice is present.  Jesus said that if His disciples fail to preach, even the stones would cry out!

And they do!  Think about how all the geologic layers are identical all over the world.  No matter where, each geologic layer can be identified by its contents.  That would not be possible if not all formed at the same time during some global event – like Noah’s flood!

Think about how complex life really is.  Even the smallest cells in our bodies are incredibly complex.  That shear complexity screams intelligent design, God’s voice calling to our souls!

Let’s talk about our eyes.  Evolutionists say they and everything else happened by chance.  Some accidental proto-eyeball thing occurred in one animal – one – and eventually and became eyes.  But what about the optic nerve that sends the eye signal to the brain as well as the region in the brain that’s devoted to sight?  How is it that all three structures could accidently develop independently and connect?  That single system is so complex only intelligent design can account for it!

God’s voice is speaking to us through the rocks and through every living thing on earth.  He is the only, perfectly shaped entity that will fill the God-shaped hole in all our lives!  His voice is in the Bible and everything around us.  Listen!

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