37 Years

This picture was taken 37 years ago last March.  We were young and giddy to start our lives in marriage.  Like all newlyweds, we were only thinking of the great adventure before us and all the wonderful things we would do together.  Little did we know.

There were indeed great things, the easy times of success and prosperity.  I had a job, the best job I ever had, that afforded the family a couple European vacations.  We raised two wonderful girls who became successful in their fields.  We had a nice house in the suburbs.  There were good times and much to be thankful for.

My health has been an issue since bypass surgery in 2003, but God was merciful, maneuvering me to the best hospital and surgeon around.  Julie was my angel and my nurse…the biggest factor in my recovery.

My life melted down along with the economy in 2008-2009.  There were tensions and fights between me and my wife.  I finally got a job that put me back in a position to rebuild our lives.  It required a move to Memphis, which was very hard for me personally.  A few months after moving in, my gall bladder developed gangrene.  I have no idea how.  When it perforated, they had to open me up all the way to makes sure no gangrene “juice” remained.  They almost lost me.

I’m semi-invalid now after my bout with Covid.  Again, Julie has been my protector, my nurse, and remains the love of my life.

Even though our 37th anniversary was last month, it seems appropriate to commemorate it now, this Easter weekend.  I’ve skidded to the brink of the grave several times now, and God has seen fit to “resurrect” me every time so far to His glory.

37 Years.  How did we make it?  God.  Wedding vows.  Choosing to love, especially when we didn’t feel like it.  We did it by not saying “What’s in it for me?”  We did it be saying “How can I lift YOU up?”  The only way that really works is when we extend to our spouses the same selfless love Jesus extends to us; when He is our model!

For all of you whose marriage is on the rocks, make the decision to ask, “what’s in it for my spouse – not me.”  You’ll be surprised what genuine care and sacrifice can do for a relationship!

For those of you who are sitting in your limo like we were or are about to, remember that bad times will come.  Go ahead and bask in the joy of today and be excited about this adventure.  Just remember two things.  First, adventures are adventures because there are trials along the way.  Second, make Jesus your Lord and Savior and your example of selfless love for your spouse!

Below is the link to the song my best man and I recorded and played on his Bose system at the reception. Lyrics by me. Music, arrangement, singing and recording all instruments on a synthesizer by my best man, Rick. What can I say? He attended the New England Conservatory where his nickname was “The Whiz.” Me sing it? Um… No!

11 thoughts on “37 Years

    • Thank you so much! It’s been a ride! I had forgotten to insert the song my best man and I wrote for her. My lyrics, his music. He sang because I can’t. He arranged and recorded all tracks. If you want to hear it, I just updated the post with it. Again – many thanks!

  1. Congratulations! Beautiful song; I’m sure your wife was pretty pleased!

    My deepest condolences with regards to your illnesses and the havoc they have wreaked on your body, but I’m thankful that you’ve continued to write.
    May God bless you!

  2. I love how you said “adventures are adventures because there’s trials along the way.” That lends a whole new perspective to failures and hard times – there is a reward for the work after all!

    • I’m so glad that resonated with you! Yeah, it took a long time to realize that. My pastor once shared that he learned that the best advice to a depressed person is to help someone else. It’s also the best way to run a marriage. I value your comment! Thank you for sharing!

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