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In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”    John 16:32-33

My starting point is that there is a global elite, a world government the controls businesses and, hence, elected governments.  It’s a matter of history that the Carnegie and Rockefeller families got their hands on DNA research and kept it to themselves, knowing that there was power in to be gained in understanding and controlling DNA.  I learned about this in the book DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.  I did a 23-part book synopsis years ago.  I wrote a recap of the series, Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Recap.  Here is a link to the first installment: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 1.

The nefarious work by the Carnegies and Rockefellers provided the basis for eugenics, the killing of impure and inferior genetic stock from the human population.  Hitler based his genocide of the Jews on their work.  Their ultimate goal remains: control the populace and drastically reduce world population to a sustainable level.

From DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral

There is a small, non-denominational chapel at Jekyll Island, Georgia.  Louis Tiffany, renowned for his stained-glass creations – especially his lamps – designed the only window at the front of the building.  It has an inscription dedicating it to his benefactors, the parishioners who, according to the inscription, “…were granted Divine authority to control the world’s wealth.”  This is where the global power bankers met to establish their global dominance through finance, a plan which included establishment of the Federal Reserve.  The mastermind of The Federal Reserve Act was not an American!  He was Paul Moritz Warburg of M. M. Warburg Company of Hamburg, Germany, which was the chief representative of the European banking family, the Rothchilds.

With this as background, let’s talk about how things stand at the end of 2021.

We have a global pandemic, which was, by all accounts, man-made.  Dr. Fauci has been shown to have been involved in financing the enhancement of COVID at the Wuhan lab.  Set this against the backdrop of an eerily theoretical pandemic scenario called Lock Step.  Lock Step describes a pandemic situation and different governments’ reactions to it around the globe.  It’s scary how close to reality it comes!  Read more in Watching the Coronavirus, Part 2

Now we have the new version called Omicron that the WHO and nations are scrambling to contain.  It’s more communicable than what has been going around.  I’ve heard nothing about how deadly it might be except for an article about a doctor in Africa wondering what the fuss is; he has seen unusual but mild symptoms.  And he’s the one who first reported it.  They say it showed up in Africa, but an 11/24 news article cites a Belgian who tested positive and has never been to Africa.  This begs the question as to whether it’s a mutation, or was it released there by those looking to control world population.  If so, perhaps it was accidently leaked where the Belgian citizen also got it.

Now let’s talk about war.

We have China saber-rattling over Taiwan and Russia massing troops along the length of the Ukrainian border; almost 100,000 to date.  My first thought is that they are coordinating with each other, hoping to overwhelm a weak, doddering administration.

Add to these riots in the Solomon Islands over their government switching alliance from Taiwan to mainland China.  Why does that matter?  Because it is rich in natural resources that China needs.  Given the population obviously doesn’t want it, is anyone taking bets on whether the government officials were bought off by China?

If China can get what it wants without war, it will.  They are masters of the long game.  You’ve all heard of Sun Tsu, yes?  He was an ancient Chinese general who wrote The Art of War, and one of his tenets was to have won a war strategically before ever walking into battle.  Maybe even avoid battle.

You may have heard of how they are recently threatening Australia, who will be no match for them militarily.  And, since everyone in Australia gave up their guns, the general population will be easy to control.  Once Australia has been removed from the game, the US has lost its biggest ally and asset in the Pacific.

Let’s take it one step further…just in theory.  What if China becomes the dominant power in the Asia-Pacific rim?  They may consider coming after America once they have consolidated their gains in the western Pacific.  It may not be necessary as we’d have been stretched too thin by the Russia/Ukraine conflict, if we’re drawn into that.  But let’s say they decide to try.

Thanks to liberal dominance, the west coast has been effectively disarmed.  China would win militarily with relative ease, plus they would not have to contend too much with the unarmed citizens rising up.

Of course, once they cross the Rockies, they’d find a widely dispersed and heavily armed population of ranchers and farmers.  They’d by nearly impossible to track and put down.  And Texas?  With everyone there heavily armed they practically are an army in themselves.  It’d be a rough go across the southern tier, less so farther north, and, once again, easy pickings in the liberal Atlantic states.

And what would be happening all the while?  Carnage around the globe.  Population reduction through war and disease, just like the Carnegies, Rockefellers, and Rothschilds planned decades ago.

What will happen then?  It won’t be the end yet, but, if it all happens, this could be the precursor to the one, charismatic man, the Anti-Christ, who will unite people behind him.

Matthew 24 often gets “credit” as Jesus’ “Olivet Discourse”, His answer to His disciples’ questions about end times.  However, Mark offers his account of that discussion, adding things that Matthew didn’t include.  He concludes chapter 13 with…

 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 33 Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is. 34 It is like a man going to a far country, who left his house and gave authority to his servants, and to each his work, and commanded the doorkeeper to watch. 35 Watch therefore, for you do not know when the master of the house is coming—in the evening, at midnight, at the crowing of the rooster, or in the morning— 36 lest, coming suddenly, he find you sleeping. 37 And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!”

Am I predicting that there will be a global war soon?  Absolutely not!  All I’m saying is that the tensions are there, and it all plays into the long-range plans of evil men.  All I’m doing here is watching.  I invite you to do the same and not take my word on everything.  Read, watch, study the Scriptures, and see if you come to the same conclusions.  Most importantly, if you do those things, you will be watching as Jesus warned us to do!

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