Quote for 10/23/2021

Trust in the Lord forever, For in Yah, the Lord, is everlasting strength.    Isaiah 26:4


How did I do it? Twenty years ago I kept a schedule that I couldn’t hope to approach now whether work or personal life. Especially my workouts. I can’t begin to fathom doing any of that now!

I keep aging. I keep getting weaker. My energy levels are nowhere near what they were. I never needed naps back then, Even when recovering from heart surgery I was able to do more than I can now.

Thankfully, God isn’t like that! He made every atom of the known universe. He arranged events on earth to enact His plan for salvation. Despite the horrible emotional hurt of Adam and Eve’s choice to disobey, He made a plan ready to go right there on the spot. No recovery time needed.

It’s now 6000 years later. God has neither aged nor weakened. As I continue to deteriorate, God remains strong. At the end…my end…God’s strength will revive me and walk me into Forever!

For His strength everlasting!

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