Quote for 10/11/2021

And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope.    Romans 5:3-4


When we talk about heroes we think of someone elevated, a marble statue on a pedestal. When we call someone a hero, they often try to push that label away as not being worthy. Work with me, though, as I offer a different way of looking at true heroes.

True heroes are not marble figures. They have been through the filthiest ditches. They are covered with scars and maybe even misshapen from their injuries. They may even be a little mentally weakened from their trials.

Heroes are those who have gone through horrid adversity but didn’t give up. They continued to slog on to the goal, to goodness. They persevered past reason and finally won the day. They are better for it, and so are we!

We may never have anyone who recognizes our trials, but they are no less important! Persevere through tribulations prayerfully, earnestly, allowing yourself to be fueled by the grace and mercy of God.

Be a hero!

4 thoughts on “Quote for 10/11/2021

  1. Thanks for removing our blinders about the true cost of heroism, Jeff. Heroes have scars and often pay a big price for their valor. It’s a cost many “wannabes” aren’t willing to pay. My favorite hero quote, by Emerson:

    “A hero is not fed on sweets. Daily his own heart he eats. The chambers of the great are jails, and headwinds right for royal sails.


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