Quote for 07/18/2021

And the Lord shall be King over all the earth. In that day it shall be— “The Lord is one,” And His name one.    Zechariah 14:9


We currently suffer under the rule of Satan. We, as a race, as the physical descendants and relation to Adam and Eve, chose him over God in Eden, and gave him the keys to the kingdom, as it were.

Then started a 4000 year plan that culminated with the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, the Only Begotten of the Father. He won our freedom, our salvation. He won the throne, seated at the right hand of God, set to come again and claim His kingdom for all eternity.

Then we will all be one with Him. We, who have accepted His payment for our sins and acknowledge Him to the world will hear Him acknowledge us to His Father and welcome us into heaven.

If you have not yet welcomed Jesus into your heart, if you have not yet accepted His sacrifice in payment for your sins, if you still have that emptiness that comes from guilt and hopelessness in a pointless “earth-only” existence…call out to Him. He will hear you. And He will answer!

Seek Him earnestly. Read the message He left for you in the inspired scriptures, His Word, and reach out to Him.

Your ideas are important too!

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