Pulling the Thread

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.    John 14:6

BeautyBeyondBones published an interesting article this past week.  She asked her readers for their thoughts about aliens…and where God fits into that topic.

I didn’t think about it when I first read the article, but I suddenly realized she made a very innocent mistake.  We shouldn’t ask how God fits into anything.  We should ask how everything fits within God’s universe.  It’s a subtle difference in phrasing, but the perspective shift is critical.

Anyway, my response was how I’m certain that aliens are possibly demonic.  I also think that they may be the fallen Watchers, angels that joined Satan in his rebellion.  I think this is an attempt to deceive us and take our eyes off God.  Satan is the shady guy in the alley going, “Pssst!”

I felty a little bad about my reply, because I wrote a comment to her about how the Vatican’s official policy is to, one, be ready to minister to them.  Two, they think that an alien race may be more advanced in their knowledge of God than we and teach us a more insightful Gospel.  The Vatican may even require its members to change their faith in accordance with the alien’s teachings.

That’s pretty bizarre, but I’ve read quotes from Vatican officials to that effect.  You can read my article It’s a Real Fight.

The reason I feel a little bad about writing that comment on her blog is that she’s a devout, died-in-the-wool Roman Catholic.  I’ve met very few people with her incredible faith.  We’re friends, and I didn’t want her to think I was trashing Catholicism in general; I wasn’t.  I was just reporting the facts.  I wasn’t trying to single out Catholicism at all.

It isn’t just the Vatican that has gone astray on some of its teachings.  All church organizations have their errors in teaching.  Some churches have gay priests/pastors in defiance of clear Biblical teaching that God considers sexual sins a big deal.  You should read some of the punishments in the Old Testament for different sexual sins.

Too many churches have ignored Genesis altogether by taking the stance that God could have used evolution to “create” man.  But here’s the too-obvious question, which I must admit I missed; If death came into the world through sin, and that through one man, how could evolution take place to produce man?  Evolution is based on inferior life dying to make room for the new, improved evolved life.  How could death arrive before man whose sin brought it into the world?

Both the alien and the evolution questions are the same in form; they’re a thread begging to be pulled.

Consider your faith as a very nice, knitted sweater.  Then some shadowy voice in a dark alley in your mind goes, “Pssst!  See that ugly thread sticking out of your nice sweater?  Why you don’t give it a little pull?”

And you do.  Except that once you pull on it, it doesn’t come off.  It just comes out.  You keep pulling at it until your sweater, your faith is ruined.

That’s how evolution has worked.  If we accept evolution and pull on that thread, we find ourselves having to pull it a bit further, asking how could the Bible be right about Creation?  How could it be a mere 6000 years old, as the Bible shows us with all its listings of the years of the generations?

We ask the question, “How does God fit into this?”  And so it begins.

We, in our “wisdom”, decide that maybe the Bible didn’t mean literal days in the Creation story.  Maybe that was just symbolic language.  Maybe there are other cases of symbolic language in there too.  May Noah’s Flood wasn’t really a world-wide flood, just a very widespread but local flood.

Did Moses really part the Red Sea or did they just find a shallow crossing they could easily wade across?

And so the thread keeps getting pulled, until the sweater is unraveled and we decide Jesus didn’t do any miracles or rise from the dead (I mean, c’mon!  Really?) and isn’t the Son of God Who paid for our sins.  He was just a really good man who taught us really good things.

Aliens?  How does God fit into aliens?  Maybe Genesis got it wrong again.  Maybe God didn’t create the sun, moon, and stars for us to know “times and season.”  Maybe the universe really is too big to not have produced life elsewhere!  Maybe humanity is supremely arrogant to think that we’re the only sentient life in the universe instead of humbly, thankfully realizing God made it all for us; a loving gift for His most prized part of Creation.

Pulling threads is a dangerous game.  Yes, it only looks like a small thing hanging out there.  Except that it isn’t.

As I’ve said countless times, read your Bibles and learn how God made everything.  Learn to see how everything around you has to fit into His narrative and not the other way around!

2 thoughts on “Pulling the Thread

  1. Hi Jeff. Excellent observation regarding man’s sin bringing death and evolution saying death produces man. Creation and evolution really cannot coexist. You either believe God or you don’t.
    I pray you and yours enjoy the holiday as we thank God for those who served to the end. As Patton said, It’s foolish to mourn those who died. We should thank God that such men lived.

    • Thank you, Kenneth! As I mentioned in the article, the evolution/Creation observation wasn’t mine, but I wanted to smack myself when I read it. Of course! All the best to you and yours this holiday weekend!!

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