The Flood

So Noah, with his sons, his wife, and his sons’ wives, went into the ark because of the waters of the flood.    Genesis 7:7

Pop quiz: How long did the Flood last?  If you said forty days and nights, you’re wrong!  The increase of waters lasted that long.  From the time God closed Noah and family up in the ark to when they landed on Ararat and disembarked was about a year.  Genesis gives us which months and tells us how long it all lasted.

One whole year!  Why?  Well, it’s a big planet, and God covered the whole thing with water above the highest mountains.  That’s a lot of water coming and going very quickly!

Have you ever been thrown around by water?  I got caught in an undertow once.  It slammed me down on the sand in chest deep water, and it was a struggle to get my feet under me and push off.  Find tsunami videos on YouTube.  It doesn’t take much to toss buildings and vehicle around like Matchbox cars.  And that’s just a local event!

How much earth, rocks, plants, and animals do you think got moved around during the Flood?  The waters came up from the earth and fell from the sky in such quantities that even Steven Spielberg would have a hard time putting it on film.  There had to have been underwater avalanches to start, burying a lot of sea life.  Eventually, the waters started getting at land animals.  Once they reached their peak, it was drainage time.

The waters drained and re-arranged the planet for the better part of a year.  Again, that moved a lot of dirt and stone.  As things happened, there were layer after layer of sediment laid down as the Flood went through its stages.

Question: now that you’re thinking about how little water it takes in a tsunami to really move a lot of things around, how drastically do you suppose it changed the landscape worldwide?

Given the power of water, it’s likely that the Grand Canyon for example, was cut in very short order.  Compare pictures of the badlands in the American west to the erosion seen after Mt St. Helens blew.  Except for the scale, they are virtually identical.  The badlands were shaped quickly by the Flood.  So much of what we see on earth is all about how the Flood shaped everything.

By the way, about those layers of sediment that had to form during different stages of the Flood; when geologists talk about the geologic layers dating back millions of years, have you noticed that they talk about how those layers are identical all over the world?  That’s how they know which layers they are talking about.

But what if those layers did not take millions of years to form, but just one year, courtesy of the Flood?


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