Quote for 12/13/2020

Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.    Proverbs 12:25


The world keeps growing coarser.  I try to do my part to not add to that!

If I have a great waiter or waitress, I compliment and thank them!  If I see a mom or dad out with their kids, and the kids are well-behaved, I make the effort to commend them on that accomplishment.

Such words always bring a smile.  What I can’t see is whether their day is going well or horribly.  There’s no way to know how close they are to the end of their rope.  All I know is that, if they are struggling, a kind word will give them the energy to press on.

5 thoughts on “Quote for 12/13/2020

  1. There’s no way to know how close someone is to the end of their rope. Well stated!
    I’ve often thought, if people only came with an emotional “gas gauge “—maybe clearly visible on their forehead? Then everyone would know how much everyone else had “in the tank.”

    But, alas, this miracle for relationships has not been invented yet. In the mean time, as the tee shirt says, “Be kind. You can’t rewind.”

    Thanks, Jeffrey. Great post!

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