Becoming a Godless Society

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers.    2 Timothy 4:3

I read Ken Ham’s recent article on the state of Christianity in America today, and the news is distressing.  In short, America has been lost to atheism.  Here are some numbers:

30% of “evangelicals” said that Jesus was merely a great teacher but not God.  An astonishing 65% say that Jesus was the “first and greatest being created by God.”  This is completely ignoring John 1, which starts out referring to Jesus as “The Word” who created everything.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.    John 1:1-3

John goes on to connect the Word to John the Baptist, clearly identifying the Word as Jesus.

Embedded in Ken Ham’s article is a YouTube video of his presentation on Answering Atheists at his 2019 Easter convention.  Some more numbers he shared in graphs for the video:

Only a little over 30% of those 65 and over identify as Christians.  It’s 30% for those aged 50-64.  Those aged 35-49 are at about 26%.  Those 18-34 are just under 20%.

53% of people in their 20’s have stopped attending church.  Of those born in 1981 or later – Generation Z – a mere 18% attend church.

Clearly, America has already lost the battle to atheism.  It’s simply a matter of time until the older generations die off, and the country is left in the hands of a population that is decidedly out of touch with God.

That does not mean we Christians should roll up in a fetal ball of despair, tempting as that might be!  We need to stand with our God and spread His Word as best we can!  But what does that look like?

If you want to spread some news, you must understand it first.  If you want to spread the Good News, you need to read and study the Bible!  This is where we lost the battle starting generations ago.

Scientists started challenging the Bible in light of Darwin’s theories and adopted evolution as the new religion.  Instead of denouncing this and relying on Genesis, church leaders caved and told their members – and even their pastors – that evolution is ok.  God probably used evolution as His means of creation, never mind what Genesis clearly tells us!  What’s really important is that you believe in Jesus!

Of course, evolution doesn’t work theologically.  It depends on the deaths of “unfit” species to progress finally to man.  But if sin came into the world by one man and death through sin, how was it that there was so much death before there was ever a man to sin?

See?  You take away one piece of the foundation and the rest starts to crumble!  People ignored how evolution is impossible theologically, adopted it, and continued on through the Bible calling into question more and more teachings.

Clearly, having an intimate knowledge of Scripture is the key to spreading the Good News of Jesus.  We must understand everything from Genesis 1, because it’s starting there that things unfolded, making Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf necessary.

We must also be educated enough in science to understand how science actually supports the Bible!  Dr. Lennart Moller, author of The Exodus Case, points out in his book that experiments never yield wrong results, merely wrong interpretations!  The Exodus Case is a fascinating look at Exodus with his scientist’s eye.  He makes the case that Exodus happened as literally told in the Bible.  Indeed, he concludes by asking his readers to imagine themselves on a jury deciding the accuracy of Exodus.  With what he presents in the book, would you vote yes or no?

Ken Ham, mentioned above, is the founder of The Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in Kentucky near Cincinnati.  His series, The Answers Book, provides scientific answers to secular claims against the truth of the Bible.

For example, evolutionary scientists claim the geologic layers with their millions of complete fossils show millions of years of evolution.  But here are a couple good questions: How did all of those animals die and get buried so quickly that they never decomposed…at all!  And why are all the layers identical around the world unless there was a global event – like a Flood – that lasted roughly one year according to Genesis.  The Flood as described in Genesis had several stages of flooding and then receding, which would account for uniform layers around the world.

See?  If you know your Bible, have a little science, and use some common sense, things start to get clearer!

So, let’s resolve to read and study our Bibles!  Know what’s in there and how it all ties together.  Find resources that will help you with your study.  Off-hand, I can’t think of any place better than Ken Ham’s Creation Museum Book Store.

I use a Bible commentary called The Concordia Self Study Commentary by Concordia Publishing of the Lutheran Church to help me delve into section of the Bible I seek clarity on.

The Book of Daniel is an eye-popping Old testament book, but it can be hard to decipher.  “Agents of Babylon” by Dr. David Jeremiah is the first book I’ve ever read that provides a clear explanation of Daniel’s prophecies that are supported by world history!  He also explains “the abomination of desolation” found in Daniel and referred to by Jesus in Matthew 24:15.  I’ve wondered what that was for decades!

I taught a Bible class for almost a year and a half using these resources and more.  I would write about what I would teach and then post those on my blog.  The whole series starts with Creation: Let There Be Light.  I distill some of the more complex issues of many resources into something a bit easier to digest.  I did an entire series on The Exodus Case and others.  If you find what I wrote about different resources useful, I urge you to get those books for yourself.

The whole point is to have as many “arrows” in your quiver as possible, so you have the right one for whomever you’re talking to!

Read, learn, and inwardly digest God’s Word!!!

Your ideas are important too!

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