Like a Child

Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.   Matthew 18:3

I was scrolling through the headlines on the London Daily Mail website last Thursday, and the news is just sickening. There was a school shooting in California; six hit and one dead. On the bottom right, the website keeps running videos as click bait. Most were people beating the shit out of each other. All I could do was sigh and wonder if there was anything decent to read about. Could I find anything to write about for my Saturday post?


Holding Baby SisterA three-year-old girl is shown holding her newborn sister for the first time. She is cuddling her, telling her she won’t drop her, she won’t let her go anymore, nuzzling her, patting her face gently, and giving her kisses. At one point she laughs happily for a moment before returning to showering the baby with affection. Moments later she gives a few delighted squeals, unable to contain her love for her sister.

It is beautiful and brings a tear to the eyes.

What happened to all the people who are beating each other, cheating each other, killing each other, shooting each other??? Weren’t they someone’s little bundle of joy once? Did no one ever give them kisses and tell them they won’t be dropped? Maybe no one ever did. Maybe someone did, but it stopped.

Or maybe they had that, but others simply overwhelmed them with hate that parental love just couldn’t keep at bay.

I’m not being a Pollyanna here. It’s a sinful world, and not everyone likes everyone. Everybody is somebody’s jerk. There are people I don’t like and others who think I’m the devil. But why can’t we at least be civilized? If you don’t like someone, let it go! Stay away if at all possible. Avoid that temptation to hate. If they can’t be avoided, be civil and mind your own business.

Here are some habits I’ve cultivated over the years to try and light up my small corner of the world:

Every time I go through a door in a public place I look behind me to see if someone is coming so I can hold the door for them.

Whenever I see parents with well-behaved children, I make sure to compliment them on what a fine job they’re doing with their kids.

If I have a waiter or waitress who does a very good job, I seek out the manager and make sure they are noticed. Same goes for anyone I encounter in the service industry.

There’s more but you get the drift. Be nice. Do your best to spread a little light wherever you go. You won’t save the world, but you might save someone’s day.

Lest I sound like I’m bragging, I don’t always do as well as I wish. I lose my temper at times. I drop a door on someone accidentally. I just have goals to attain. I’ve written elsewhere about having high standards – you will likely miss them from time to time, but it’s in the trying that you succeed!

Show some love wherever you go. Keep the monsters at bay with kindness if not affection. The one person you compliment today might be the person who was going to go off the cliff except for your kind word. Be a friend. Be a hero without even knowing it!

It’ll be like giving out a few kisses and telling someone that you won’t drop them. It might be enough.

Your ideas are important too!

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