Ins & Outs of Eating Disorders

BBB 3Most of you are likely familiar with the BeautyBeyondBones blog. She accepted a speaking engagement at my church in Memphis and was here 9/28 and 9/29. She gave a great talk on the 28th about her time with anorexia, her recovery, and how we might help friends and family who have eating disorders.

That Saturday evening was mostly to be instructional for our volunteer ministers who are specially trained as well as engaging in continuing education for their work. Caralyn’s talk spoke mostly to them, but our youth group was also in attendance. After all, eating disorders most often manifest in the teen years.

Sunday morning was her personal story testimonial and was truly inspiring. Both presentations were live-streamed and recorded.

While everyone who saw both think her Sunday talk was the most powerful, I think that the Saturday talk on the 28th was the most informative and useful when it comes to helping people with an ED. There were a number of things that most of us found as revelations.

First, anorexia isn’t about “the skinny,” as Caralyn put it. It’s about control and self-hate. Second, well-meaning people will say things that are mean well but only hurt. The leading cause of death for people with anorexia is heart failure. The heart ends up wasting away along with the rest of the muscles until it just gives up. There is much more, and I encourage you to watch both videos.

Just click on this link which goes to my church’s web site and the video catalog. You’ll see a box with a cross and crown and our name, Christ the King Lutheran Church. You’ll see a menu icon in the upper right of that box. Click on that to get a scroll down box where you can find both of her talks.CTK Live Stream

FYI, the Saturday recording started prematurely; it doesn’t really start till the 4 minute mark.

If you aren’t already familiar with BeautyBeyondBones, start here to begin learning her story.

2 thoughts on “Ins & Outs of Eating Disorders

  1. Thank you Jeff for sharing my talks and for you generous words! I think it’s awesome and so important that you’re helping to spread awareness about this truly misunderstood disease. I pray that this article falls into the right hands of someone who may need it 💛 Such a joy was that weekend. Thanks again for facilitating it! Hope you’re having a great week so far! Hugs to you and Julie! Xox

  2. You’ve taught me a lot about ED both by your life and your words. It breaks my heart that people should suffer from something so insidious! God has blessed me to be able to add a little something to your ministry! Also, I sent an email earlier. That flash drive is in the mail and the books and shirts should arrive sometime tomorrow. Had a great dinner tonight – at Taziki’s! – with some friends who had moved to Florida but are back this week. Thank you for all of your work and letting me help your ministry! It was a great weekend with you. Maybe you can come again sometime just to visit. Maybe your folks too! Sleep tight! XOX

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