Already Gone Review: Part 1

Before moving on to the New Testament, I wanted to repost a two-part book review of Already Gone. I first published this in 2014. It is part of the reason I’ve spent most of the last year going through the Old Testament; most Christians don’t have an appreciation for everything that’s in the Bible, including the arc of history from Creation to the present day. Churches just don’t teach much of the Bible outside of re-hashing familiar stories. We don’t do a very good job of applying science to the Bible, and seeing that science in fact agrees with the Bible!

So, without further ado, let’s start Part 1 of ALREADY GONE!


Already GoneBook Review: Already Gone by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer

Sunday School attendees leave the church more than expected

Do you have a son or daughter in high school or younger? Do you take them to church and Sunday School? Are you doing your best to raise them in a Christian way, teaching them God’s Word and modeling good, Christian behavior? I hope so.

I did my best to raise my daughters such, although I didn’t do it perfectly. In part, I raised them the way I was raised, and that wasn’t always the right way. We had bed time devotions when they were little. We went to church every Sunday, although I did not insist on them going to Sunday School.

Easter Cartoon Tomb

Oh, good…another cartoon

I hated Sunday School with a passion. Vacation Bible School was my personal slice of hell over the summer. Why? Because I found them both to be inane. Cartoon books of bible stories painted in primary colors were irritating. Something inside me told me it was all wrong. The pre-packaged answers and questions were the worst. My friends and I always knew the answers, but we never raised our hands. It was embarrassing to participate in such a dog-and-pony show. I’ll admit I sometimes contributed just because I felt sorry for the teacher having to sit there, twisting in the proverbial wind. That was all in grade school from as early as I can remember. I checked out in high school. No one could make me go. No one. I wasn’t checked out on God, mind you, but certainly on Sunday School.

Why am I telling you this? Refer to the first paragraph. I truly hope you are doing your best, but a recent study revealed that the odds are against your children staying with the church past high school. The choice to check out doesn’t happen in college. Oh, no! They’ve already decided as young as junior high. They’re just biding their time till they can act on their decision. Fully sixty percent of our youth are rooster-tailing it away from the church doors once they’re able to.

Once in high school, I realized I was too big and too much of a pain-in-the @$$ to be controlled. I went to the building every Sunday, but ditched Sunday School altogether and sneaked down to the gym during services to read my bible or contemplate what was going on.

Like I said; checked out of church, not God.

I was sick to death of the bible stories repeated ad nauseum every year in slightly elevated terms. They just didn’t have any relevance to my life. I knew them backwards and forwards, so who cares anymore?

No, it was college when I started checking out of God. I did some exploring of other faiths in high school, but college almost got me away from God. I studied geology for two terms and was highly disappointed that there was no evidence of the biblical Flood. There was plenty of evidence that seemed to support evolution, an earth that’s billions of years old. The same story came through in other classes. To this day, thanks to psychology and sociology studies, I can explain away religion as a matter of evolution, survival, and stimulus and response. I really can.

Now, however, I know those arguments don’t hold water. Not when taken as part of the entire universe. I finally learned that God really is the ONLY answer to any question. Some part of me heard God’s siren call to come back, and praise to Him I came back.

Many people don’t. They buy the lies. Why? Listen very closely now, because I’m going to tell you the big secret why the kids are leaving in droves. Ready?


The church does an OK job of telling bible stories and preaching sermons with the proper, formulaic proportions of Law and Gospel. And therein lies the problem. The bible stories are STORIES! While I believe they are literally true, just the word “story” connotes something not necessarily real or true. Sermons too often don’t connect God’s Word to real life. Some pastors are afraid to preach openly on social issues such as homosexuality, abortion or other hot issues. Why do the kids leave? They don’t see the relevance to the real world! Bible stories are just that…bible stories. There’s no connection from the church. Our secular society and schools are doing ALL of the talking!

I’ve been fortunate that the Holy Spirit has kept me in the game, even when I didn’t have answers to evolution and secular biblical scholars telling were us that most of the stories and characters in the bible are allegories and amalgamations of people from other cultures.

Now, in the last few years, I’ve discovered materials and information that address whether Creation happened just as described in Genesis. I now know that the Flood was real and the geologic layers were laid down by the Flood. Read my post, Evolution and the Geologic Record.

By reading multiple news sources and googling topics I’m curious on, I’ve found out a lot of ground-breaking information on where science and honest research is disproving society’s secular “facts”:

So-called biblical scholars have long argued that King David was never a real individual. He never appears anywhere in history outside of the bible. Turns out they were wrong. See my post, King David: Fact or Fiction?.

Is there life after death? Read Seeing Death.

sacredfireDo you doubt that The United State of America was founded on Christian principles? Give Founding Fathers & Christianity a look. By the way; George Washington was NOT a Deist. Try the book “George Washington’s Sacred Fire.”

Moses has also been considered myth, but see my sources in – what else? – Moses – Man or Myth.

Black HoleThe Big Bang? Could be a Big Bust! Mind you, these are posts pointing out muffed research and Bang-shattering revelations by non-Christian scientists. Read The Big Bang Theory and Down the (Black) Rabbit Hole. The latter article reveals that black holes may be impossible, proven mathematically, and putting the Big Bang to Bed! Along with deep time and evolution theories.

Here’s something I learned from The Exodus Case by Dr. Lennart Moller. The famous Step Pyramid in Egypt is part of a larger site called The Sakkara Complex. That very secure, walled site contains what appear to be ancient underground silos. What has been found at the bottom? The ancient remains of GRAIN! Do you recall how Joseph saved Egypt from famine by storing grain for the lean years? Hm… And there are depictions of men carrying sacks up the steps from the bottom at the site.

If only churches would be looking at what’s out there that connects the bible to the real world, to show biblical events are REAL history! What to do? Stay tuned for Part 2!!

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