Quote for 07/10/2018

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.   2 Timothy 1:7


My first job out of graduate school was working in a kitchen at a restaurant. I was extremely open about my faith, studying the Bible and praying daily.

The restaurant owner was driving me from one location back to his downtown location. He asked me a question during the ride, which I somehow misinterpreted. I took the opportunity to talk about my faith and the issue I thought he had brought up until we arrived. I caught a wry smile from him, and I suddenly realized I had completely missed what he had asked.

I can’t today remember what I thought he asked nor what I had said to him; not a bit of it. What I do remember is having only the most fleeting feeling of embarrassment which immediately gave way to faith.

I, in faith, simply assumed God had caused me to mis-hear what he had said, that God had used me to deliver a message to him.

This is no different from when I witnessed to a fellow actor less than 24 hours before he died; see my article Damned from 2016.

God uses us to send His messages to those He would have come to faith. We can’t do that in a spirit of timidity. Only in love and self-disciplined study and prayer can we fulfill the many missions God has laid out for us.

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