North American Indians and God

Thats What The Old Ones SayJesus said, “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.”   Revelation 22:16

I happened across a video on YouTube of Chief Joseph RiverWind. He is a devout Christian as well as an American Indian chief. He related their ancient oral history of giants and how Star Beings – what sound to me like fallen Watchers – came, took their women, and produced the race of cannibalistic giants just as described in the Book of Enoch.

Listen for yourself, then read on:

Intrigued, I watched more interviews with him and ended up buying his book, That’s What the Old Ones Say. Instead of trying to explain the book in my own way, here are several direct quotations about the oral history from his book, which impressed me greatly.

christian-fish-symbol“Our Atawak Taino ancestors were always ready to be taken home to “Yah-Yah” which is one of the names our people have for The Creator, and in the old stories he had a son called Yah-El whose symbol is a fish. It is interesting to note that Yah-El in Hebrew means The Son of Yah.”

“From the time of the Great Flood there was one prophecy our ancestor looked for in every generation. The prophecy is of the Talking Leaves coming to our shores in a strange way.” It was realized that the Talking Leaves were the pages of books, which are of paper from trees.

“…Talking Leaves which would bring further knowledge about the Creator. With the advent of these Talking Leaves, there would come a great destruction of our people and way of life.”

“Creator had come to a man named Nu-u (Noo-uh) and told him to build a large canoe because water would soon cover all the land…Only one family survived and two of every animal that Creator led into the giant canoe…The door closed; the rain began to fall, increasing in volume for many days and nights until thousands of people and animals perished.”

turtle Island“The Choctaw storytellers also tell us another story that bears great similarities with the Bible. They say that there was once a time when the earth was one solid land mass. The land looked like a turtle’s back as it was rising out of the ocean…We all spoke the same language until the people decided they wanted to be able to ascend into the Sky World in order to meet with the Creator. The people set out to building a large sky tower that would reach past the stars and into the heavenly realm. The Creator saw what they were doing and became very upset, so He promptly destroyed the Sky Tower that the people were building. Then The Creator grabbed the land and spread it apart, separating many of the people. It was then that The Creator gave people different languages so that they would not come together again in an attempt to rebuild the Sky Tower.”

My favorite tale from the book is about an old chief who went up on a mountain to fast and pray for his people who were suffering –

“Creator sent a spirit being who hovered in the sky above the old chief…The spirit being moved his arms and with its fingers drew a window in the sky above the old chief.

“’Look through this window, and you will see the answer to your prayers,’ the spirit said with authority.

“The old chief…saw a man who was pierced and hanging on a tree. The spirit said, ‘He is dying so that your people may live.’

“’Wait!,’ the old chief exclaimed. ‘What is His name so that we can remember Him and His sacrifice for our people?’

“’His name is Bright Morning Star. Remember His name.’”

old-holy-bible-olivier-le-queinecThis stunned me when I read it, because I knew that in Revelation 22:16 Jesus said, “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.”

Finally, the following, which obviously relates how the Cherokee were told of Jesus’ birth and death.

“The Oldest Cherokee Story Ever Told. It tells about when a great star appeared in the eastern sky, so the Cherokee gathered near modern day Tallulah Falls (Georgia) and how spirit beings brought the message to the Cherokee that the greatest Holy Man the world had ever seen was born. They brought stories from across the great waters about miracles this great Holy Man performed.

“But one day the sky grew dark, the earth shook, and the spirit beings came across the great waters crying because this great Holy Man had been killed in a cruel and unusual way. Their tears hit the stones and the stones turned into crosses that can still be seen to this day.”

In the early 1700’s, Irish born Hebrew scholar James Adair lived among the Cherokee for 40 years. He compared their culture and heritage with the Hebrew’s. He found that their feast days, traditions, laws, and more are either similar or identical to the Torah that was given at Mt. Sinai! Chief Joseph lists over two pages’ worth of these correlations, which are only a small sample of the correlations between the Cherokee and Hebrews!

The feeling I’d had for years that perhaps, of all cultures of the world, the American Indians were truly our Christian brothers has now been confirmed! They were even aware of Jesus even if they were not given His name that we have always known!

If you’d like to listen to a longer interview with Chief Joseph RiverWind and his wife, here’s another link:

I also strongly urge you to buy his book, That’s What the Old Ones Say!

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