About the Guns

About the guns and last week’s horrid murders in Florida, please allow me to remind everyone…

Magnum 44It most certainly is not about the guns!

Let’s be clear; if it was about guns, these stories would have peaked and plateaued decades ago here and around the world. They haven’t. Events like Florida’s are a more recent development in American history. Guns have been part of America since before we freed ourselves of the crown over 200 years ago. They have been a matter of self-defense and food.

I used to teach a corporate course on problem-solving and decision making; the Kepner-Tregoe model for those who are familiar. It is essentially paint-by-number Aristotelean logic, using wall charts and forms to lay out the facts and draw a conclusion. The defining moment is when you can accurately answer the question, “What changed?”

If guns have been a part of our culture since before our independence from Britain and yet the problem is recent, blaming guns is simply nonsense. One might argue that technology has changed, but that is only so much noise. Technology in gun design has been ongoing for centuries.

I submit the only meaningful change happened when the country as whole followed the words of someone who earned the designation of The Most Hated Woman in America: Madeleine Murray-O’Hare. It was her pushing and bombast that led the charge to abolish prayer in school and remove Christianity from a nation founded upon Christian principles. Why an entire culture would follow the rants of the person IT designated to be Most-Hated is quite beyond me.

Simply, what changed is that The United States of American told God to bugger off. We stopped doing what is right. What stopped so much as caring what is right. We started caring less about objective truth and more about what we decided we wanted our own personal truth to be, all the rest be damned.

We. Stopped. Loving.

Would you shoot someone you loved? Would you shoot someone if you thought you were loved?

Gun control? A fool’s errand. I’ve said so for years, and I’ll say it again here.


Facts bear me out. An article in the Washington Post showed quite conclusively that gun violence has declined in the last few decades in proportion to an increase in gun ownership. The only places where gun violence has increased have been where gun ownership is severely restricted. You can say anything else you want, make any emotional plea, and parade any number of teary survivors, but those facts stand. Anything else is just noise.

Facts made a believer out of a gun control advocate:

Leah Libresco is a statistician and former news writer at FiveThirtyEight, a data journalism site.

She decided to use her resources to do a massive study of gun violence. The facts she herself accumulated convinced her, much to her dismay, that gun control is ineffective.

I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.

I urge you to read her article for yourself.

Other articles I’ve written that address the core of the whole problem:

I sometimes quip that if you are day-dreaming during Bible class and you’re asked a question, you can simply answer, “Jesus” and likely be right.

Truth be told, it isn’t as funny as it is correct. Whatever the problem, Jesus and the love He taught us and commanded us to practice is always the solution!

Jesus Smiling

Your ideas are important too!

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