Weasel Words and Wiggle Room

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”   Matthew 19:14

This is a phrase I’ve always remembered from a legal clinic I attended years ago. It’s using language that is deliberately vague enough to allow for reinterpretation later, if need be. In short, it’s carefully planned lying under the guise of truth.

wolf-in-sheeps-clothingWolves in sheep’s clothing, to use a more familiar phrase.

That’s what advocates of abortion and euthanasia use in promoting their lethal agenda.

Euthanasia, Death With Dignity, medical procedure, health care, reproductive rights all amount to killing people who someone doesn’t want around at some point. They kill those they don’t want around and can’t defend themselves.

I know people who are suffering don’t want to live anymore. Believe me; I get that. My grandmother was dying of pancreatic cancer when I was college-age. Trying to cheer her up, I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She wanted to die. I had a handgun, and the temptation was there, but I knew that was wrong.

Death and I are old acquaintances. I’ve seen more than most people I know up close and personal.

Some people think they really are doing the subject a service. They truly believe they are doing the right thing, because of the language that’s been employed to justify it.

For example, there is no glory on a battlefield. No one is thinking of honor. There’s terror and other scramble to stay alive, to protect yourself and your comrades. Glory and honor? Those are constructs for the living to assuage grief. We might be proud that someone died fighting against evil, but that’s as far as I think anyone can honestly go.

Miscarried Fetus at 8 WeeksA fetus is a human being. Period. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s something else. There are plenty of stories of aborted babies who survived and went on to lead normal and even significant lives.

Click on ABORTIONS to see all of my articles on that topic, including two about abortion survivors. One is a repost of someone else’s article, Trick Baby.

Click on EUTHANASIA for all of my articles on that topic. One is actually about a death roller coaster to make euthanasia fun…I kid you not!

I was going to say something about Planned Parenthood, but after doing a little research I can see where both sides simply don’t have or disclose all of the facts, so both sides present suspect arguments. See an article about the statistics debate in a Washington Post Article.

But that isn’t where the real debate lies. Planned Parenthood performs abortions, and that’s wrong. According to the Seattle Times April 8,2011, Planned Parenthood is the largest single provider of abortions in the U.S. And that’s all anyone really needs to know.

8 thoughts on “Weasel Words and Wiggle Room

  1. Don’t forget the false teachers. They are alpha wolvers in sheep’s clothing, Jehovah’s Witnesses’, Scientology, Christian Scientists, Mormonism, Buddhism, Cults and a thousand more. They devour the mind and soul.

  2. I want to thank you for taking a strong stand against things that are just morally reprehensible. Such words are never very popular (especially in our current cultural climate!) but they are so necessary. God’s grace be with you! M. A.

    • Dear M.A. – I truly appreciate your supportive comments! Current wisdom says to be careful what you put online; it could come back to haunt you. That is certainly true. If my stand on abortion causes me a problem, well, at least I was never aborted!! God bless and thank you!

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