A Jew, A Gentile,…and a Beauty Walk in to a Bar

My friends, I just spent some time listening to a podcast interview with Caralyn of BeautyBeyondBones.  You’ll recall my recent review of her new book, Bloom.

I’ve been reading her blog for about two years, shared many comments with her, and even met her once while on one of my business trips.  This interview, however, was a very fresh and refreshing opportunity to listen to her at length.  The format is fun and relaxed, and I can guarantee very worthwhile listen!

via Episode 54: Beauty Beyond Bones

2 thoughts on “A Jew, A Gentile,…and a Beauty Walk in to a Bar

  1. I’ve currently listening to it as I write this and I am enjoying it. Caralyn is so passionate about revealing all that went wrong with her, yet it didn’t slow her down and she is willing to share her story and now it is one of the top eating disorder blogs. God is good.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed her interview. I always discover more listening to people as opposed to just reading; inflection, tone, everything in speech can tell us so much! She’s definitely an inspiration!

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