An Amazing Life!


2 Melissa Ohden

At 25 Weeks Old

Melissa Ohden has already lived an amazing life at 40 years.


At birth she was jaundiced, had breathing problems, and seizures. It was thought that she’d end up with vision and developmental problems…if she survived.

Fortunately, a nurse named Mary took her to heart and gave her the extra care she needed to survive. At three weeks, Melissa was adopted by Linda and Ron Ohden, who already had another adopted daughter.

The Ohdens stayed in touch with Mary, keeping her updated on Melissa’s progress over the years. When Melissa was old enough she started writing the update letters herself.  Melissa had some struggles early on, but she had caught up developmentally by age 5.

3 Melissa OhdenShe went through some problems with alcohol when she was young, but she eventually conquered those demons, attended college, got her degree, married a wonderful man, and had two daughters of her own. After spending years as a social worker, she is now a motivational speaker and has published a book, You Carried Me.

4 Melissa OhdenNow, you might say that she’s had a good life, above average, but amazing? Everybody gets married and has a family.  There are tons of college grads and married mothers with good families.  Melissa’s life sounds like a pretty good one, but not amazing.

Oh…did I mention that she was aborted and thrown in a garbage can?

1977 was a time when getting pregnant out of wedlock was a pretty scandalous thing, so when Melissa’s mom got pregnant with her, Melissa’s own grandmother – a nurse! – forced her daughter to have a saline abortion. In her EIGHTH month!

Check into a hospital and get hooked up to a saline drip for 5 days till it kills the baby and your body expels it. Toss the body in the trash, go home, and continue with your life.

Saline abortions were banned years ago in the UK and USA, because they tended not to be very reliable, which was a pretty good thing for Melissa.

So, aborted on 8/29/1977 and weighing in at a mere 2 lbs. 4 oz., and lying in a trash can with other medical garbage, she fought for life, and her movement caught the eye of another nurse who just couldn’t let her die there.

She rushed Melissa to intensive care, despite the orders of Melissa’s grandmother, the nurse in charge of that area, to ‘leave the baby in the room to die’.

So why did Melissa have an alcohol problem at one point? Well, this is the sort of thing that kind drive a person to drink when discovered at a young age.

She finally tracked her birth mother down 36 years after the fact, who was understandably shocked to be found by the baby she thought was dead.

Melissa understands now that her mother didn’t want the abortion and was devastated by it. They have a great relationship. Melissa has even grown forgiveness in her heart for her grandmother who orchestrated the whole mess.

So, yeah, Melissa has had an amazing life! And so have hundreds of other “aborted” people she has met over the years in her quest for the truth.

That’s right, folks! Aborted PEOPLE!!!

5 Melissa OhdenHow many millions of amazing lives, how many millions of AMAZING PEOPLE  have been aborted, destroyed before they ever had a chance to see the light of day?  How many amazing stories have NOT been written, because we’ve gotten so much better at killing unborn people?

Melissa’s story definitely gives the lie to the abortion advocates who try to tell us that an unborn person is not really a human being, but just a fetus, just a HUMAN fetus?

Abortion is murder, hidden in the womb. Nothing less.

Read the story of Melissa Ohden yourself: The Woman Who Survived Being Aborted…

You shall not murder.    Exodus 20:13

1 Melissa Ohden

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