Charlie Gard; His Parents Couldn’t Help Him

Thou shalt not kill.    Exodus 20:13

Please note that this commandment offers no “weasel words” or “wiggle room.” No points for good intentions.  No allowances for thinking that the life you’re about to take isn’t worth living.  Nothing about “death with dignity,” which I assure you is nonsense anyway.  There is no dignity in death, no matter how it comes.  “I never heard a corpse ask how it got so cold.”   Shakespeare.  We all go to ground, we all rot away.  In a previous post, Told You So!, an elderly woman decided that the reality was different and scarier than the theoretical. But when it became clear to family and care-givers that she was having second thoughts, the doctor slipped her a mickey on her morning coffee, and when that didn’t quite put her out, her own family held the poor woman down while the doctor finished killing her.

Charlie Gard’s parents were denied the right to  call the shots for their son.  The British Court system and their socialized health care system both decreed that Charlie’s parents do not indeed have a right to a say in their son’s treatment.  They even tried to get him treatment in the US, which they could afford thanks to generous donations of their countrymen.  All they asked from Britain is safe transport to the US.  Their health care system declined.


The pope has apparently weighed in on this in Charlie’s parent’s favor. With citizenship being an issue according the Brits, President Trump offered US citizenship to Charlie and his parents.

No dice.

I understand that treating Charlie was going to be a very expensive trial with an experimental procedure. The Brits said that they were very concerned that if Charlie’s life support somehow got interrupted in transit, he would die a very painful death.  They didn’t want to see him suffer.

That sounds pretty disingenuous when they made the same argument about letting his parents take him home so that he could die in his own room with his folks right there. No, Charlie’s parents just don’t know what’s good for their son, according to British health care and British courts.

The ultimate irony is that they moved him to hospice and eventually PULLED THE PLUG THEMSELVES!

Um… What about the suffering thing?

So Charlie died after his parents put up what was ultimately a failed fight.  “…doctors at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital said it was kinder to let him die with dignity as he was probably suffering.”  Not a problem now, apparently because they were in full control of Charlie’s fate by then, having screwed his parents out of their right to make decisions for their son.

I’ve already written a number of articles on the murder of citizens, under the guise of prettier-sounding words. For you perusal, titles and brief excerpts:

Death With Dignity…Not! – I recall what Shakespeare wrote centuries ago; “I never heard a corpse ask how it got so cold.” We live in God’s love to spread God’s love. Love doesn’t punch out early. Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle’s compass come;Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom.  William Shakespeare, Sonnet 116

DNA Pirates CoverPirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 8“During that war, the Rockefellers, their family-controlled Standard Oil Company and their European partners – most leading CSH patrons, heavily funded Hitler, his Nazi eugenicists…”  Emphasis added, page 80. As people began to realize that “serious genetic defects” might be a bit more arbitrary than at first blush, an uprising against eugenics began.  They needed to be more subtle.  Today we have abortions if the baby is defective, for example, with Downs Syndrome.  After all, they won’t have much of a life and will be a burden to the parents, right?  You look at the numbers and also see that blacks are disproportionately getting abortions.  There has been talk of being able to produce “designer babies” so you can get the sex, eye color, etc. you always wanted in your baby.  The original goal of a genetically superior human and eliminating “undesirables” is still achieved, but through eugenic consumerism.


I’m from the gov’t & am here to help…

Euthanasia: Out of Our Hands? – France Debates Making Euthanasia Doctor’s Decision – …Doctors in France will have the right to put terminally-ill patients into a deep sleep until they die, under plans unveiled on Friday that reignited a national debate on euthanasia.”


Euthanasia Roller CoasterMaking Euthanasia Fun! – “…we’ll at least consider suicide as a socially approved alternative to living longer.  I mean, why be a burden to our loved ones or society?”…And now, unbelievably, someone has invented what he calls the Euthanasia Roller Coaster.  Seriously.  It’s designed to pull excessive  forces for an extended period that will cause the riders/victims to die from oxygen starvation of the brain.

Father Knows Best – “Number of mentally ill patients killed by euthanasia in Holland trebles in a year as doctors warn assisted suicide is ‘out of control’”  Yup.  That’s the headline of an article in the London Daily Mail Online published 3 October, 2014…We’re making ourselves gods, deciding who lives and who dies.  At some point, the real God is going to holler, “ENOUGH!”… Father knows best.  Unfortunately, more and more people are mistaking themselves for Him.

When To Die – Brittany Maynard is 29.  She’s an attractive woman with a handsome husband.  I know.  I saw the pictures in The London Daily Mail Online.  She is the subject of an article about her committing suicide next month.  It’s all planned out.

I Love You Enough to Kill You! – I mentioned in my previous post that a lot of this end-of-life discussion – whether abortion or euthanasia – revolves around mis-naming what’s going on.  People find and insist on using words that allow them to feel comfortable with doing something that is not something you should feel good about. CONTRAST THIS ARTICLE WITH THE FOLLOWING, HOPE OR NO HOPE…

Keri and RoyceHope or No Hope? – An ultrasound checkup revealed that their daughter, Eva, has a terminal defect of the brain and skull. Apparently not all of either one is there.  If carried to term, her life expectancy ranges from a few minutes to possibly 36 hours.  The seemingly obvious choice is to abort.  There’s no hope… Hope is what they ended up finding after those first dark hours. Keri will carry Eva to term, and then have her delivered by caesarian.  After that, they’ll wait.  Eva will be allowed the chance for life, even though the odds are impossible… They believe everyone in life has a purpose; even the unborn.  They will not let Eva be denied her purpose, whether it is to be a miracle baby or a donor who saves several lives. NOT WORTH THE RISK OF HAVING?  SEE THE NEXT IN THIS LIST, THE TRICK BABY.

Ron ArcherThe Trick Baby – A repost from someone else’s site, the author was the child of a prostitute, a trick baby, exposed to all of the drugs in her body.  Find out what happened.

Nursing_Home_Old_Woman_In_BedTold You So! – “It is believed that after a decline in the patient’s condition, it was deemed by the doctor that it was time to deliver the lethal drugs.  However, according to Catholic News, the elderly woman woke even though the doctor put a sleep-inducing drug in her coffee so she could give the lethal injection without consulting the woman.  The patient then tried to fight off the procedure so the doctor asked her relatives to hold her down so she could administer the injection.  The doctor then completed giving the injection and the elderly woman died.”  I wonder who was in the will?

First, it’s our choice, then it’s the government’s choice.  First it’s suicide, then it’s “death with dignity.”  First it’s murder, then it’s a medical procedure.

4 thoughts on “Charlie Gard; His Parents Couldn’t Help Him

  1. a very important post. may God cause the world to wake up to its madness before its too late to reverse the curse we place upon ourselves with every life we prevent from leaving the womb or living a day beyond it.

    • Amen, my friend! We suffer for it now and will more-so in the future if we do not change our ways. Have you read or heard of “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of the Shemitah” by Rabbi Jonathon Cahn? He’s Christian who has written extensively on America’s sins, especially regarding abortion, and how America is under God’s curse for it.

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