Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 16

DNA Pirates Cover“Do not keep talking so proudly or let your mouth speak such arrogance, for the Lord is a God who knows, and by him deeds are weighed.”    1 Samuel 2:3

In Part 15 we learned that a “vaccine” against pregnancy was developed at Ohio State University. The active ingredient is hCG.

The Philippine Medical Association discovered some hanky-panky with their tetanus shots in the 1990’s, which was not that long ago! The Philippine Department of Health discovered that 20% of tetanus vaccines they sampled contained hCG!

Tetanus Shots

Always do your own research

Hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting Philippine women got these tetanus shots. It was later exposed the millions of women in South America, Mexico, and America got those same tetanus shots!  There had been no reported increase in cancers in these women, but with the size of the “test group,” I personally don’t know how valid that claim can be.


So how did this unannounced “tetanus” vaccine trial get busted? Human Life International and other similar groups found their antennae twitching when they heard reports of pushes for tetanus vaccines that were only targeted at woman of childbearing or pre-childbearing years.

And who would carry out such a horrendous experiment on millions of women? WHO indeed!  The World Health Organization and its 20 year history of researching antifertility vaccines!!  And where did they get their vaccines produced?WHO

Almost all of the sampled vaccines were from one of two Canadian firms: Connaught (Aventis-Pasteur-Hoechst) or Intervax.

Fr. Habiger of HLI has called for testing of all women vaccinated to have their blood tested for hCG as well as tabulating the number of miscarriages within the group. The same study regarding cancers has also been started by the time “Pirates” went into publication, and I have no information on any results that may have come through so far.

This might be a good time if you want to go back to review the timeline I assembled in Parts 5 – 8 to refresh your memory on the players in this saga and their connections.

Next: Activities of those players in modern times

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