Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 12

DNA Pirates CoverI will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.    Psalm 139:14 [Full Chapter]

We saw in part 11 how there are microscopic structures in our cells that are analogous to components in complex electrical systems. They essentially run our bodies as an incredibly complex electrical machine.

Our bodies contain pulsating DC circuits and AC electric fields. Cell walls act as a combination insulator/conductor as part of the cell’s ability store an electrical charge.  That function is capacitance.  “In cells, the cell membrane is a leaky dielectric (insulator). This means that any condition, illness, or change in dietary intake that affects the composition of the cell membranes and their associated minerals can affect and alter cellular capacitance.  (Page 109)

Bioelectricity Medicine

Bioelectricity Medicine

The electrical nature of our very lives is summed up nicely in a quotation from the book:


“All the essential biochemical substances, which perform the fundamental functions of living matter, are composed completely or partially of…mobile electrons. Molecules which contain these electrons are known as conjugated systems (Pullman & Pullman, 1963).  The essential fluidity of life may correspond with the electronic cloud in conjugated molecules.  Such systems may best be considered as both the cradle and the main backbone of life.”

I must admit that at this point in the book, I will need to gain some altitude and start losing a lot of the detail presented. I believe I can accurately summarize but find myself less and less able to explain going forward due to the technical nature of the current chapter.

I want to focus on information regarding cancer and the affect a disrupted electrical system at our cellular level can have an effect on it for better or worse.

Lab-MouseMost cancer researchers believe that cancer is strictly a function of defective DNA in the nucleus of a cell. Toward that end they devised an experiment wherein they replaced the nucleus of a healthy mouse ovum with the defective nucleus of a cancer cell.  The ovum was implanted and brought  to term.  The resulting mouse should be born, riddled with cancer.

It was not.

Performed repeatedly, this experiment produced all healthy mice. Data supporting this theory go back as far as 1938 when Dr. Paul Gerhardt Seeger (no relation to Bob) first formed the idea that destroying or at least deactivating enzymes in a cell would cause cancer, not solely the DNA!  Dr. Seeger, in 1990, published findings that alterations to cytoplasmic organelles and not the nucleus caused the start of cancer!

Cancer CellHe further found that toxins can disrupt the electrical potential of cell membranes, deactivating the normal oxygen-dependent energy (electrical) production. The backup system to generate the electricity necessary for life is for the cells to revert to fermentation (glycolysis), which is less efficient.  Dr. Seeger found that conversion to glycolysis, second only to deactivation of the electron transport chain, profoundly affects cancer growth.

“…the virulence of cancer cells is inversely proportional to the activity of the respiration chain.” (page 135)

Our cells act as both generators and batteries in governing our very life. One can plainly see that anything which interferes with their function can be expected to have negative effects, perhaps catastrophically.

In short, oxygen-based energy production is what healthy cells do. Glycolysis (fermentation) can produce energy without oxygen, but is a last ditch backup which can cause changes in the cell wall, which affect electrical performance negatively.

In summary – “Overall membrane changes, mitochondrial dysfunction, loss of normal cellular connections, and enzyme changes are all factors that contribute to the permanent reliance of cancer cells on the ancient method of glycolysis for energy production.” (Page 140)

Notice the lack of DNA as a determining factor in cancer. So cancer does not result from the DNA as much as it does from a toxic environment.  As we’ve seen already, toxins are not necessarily just chemical but vibrational also!

One additional note. Recall that cancer research started 100 years ago.  Dr. Seeger provided the first indication of cancer not being just a matter of DNA but disrupted electrical flow in 1938, 78 years ago!  There is big money in cancer research, which you might recall, is very largely controlled by the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations.

NEXT: The electrical connection and structured water.

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