Arrival, the Movie

“Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it. 24 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 25 See, I have told you beforehand.    Matthew 24:23-25

arrival-poster-lgThis movie has been on my “To Watch” list, and I finally rented it on line. It was very well crafted and acted.  Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams are two of my favorites.  As brain candy and a little more, I really enjoyed it.

However, I have to question if it isn’t part of the whole theory of programming the population to accept aliens and roll over for them if/when they show up. Recall previous articles here citing Vatican officials at the Vatican observatory openly talking about how we must be open to the idea of more intelligent creations of God’s to come and enlighten us on what the Bible really means.  They are even on record as saying that we may all be required to adjust our beliefs accordingly.  Required!

So what content is there in ARRIVAL that might serve the purpose of readying us to welcome alien visitors with open arms?

The aliens are portrayed as the ultimate good guys, but in a quid-pro-quo way. They have come to earth to help us so we’re around to help them in a few thousand years when they will need it. That begs the question of how they would know their future millennia hence?

arrival-alien-languageTheir sentences, for lack of a better description, are almost complete circles. They have different shapes coming off the circles to denote different meanings.  Adam’s character learns to identify individual components, build a vocabulary, and have written dialogues with the aliens.

The basic plot is that humanity is presented as the problem child of the galaxy, complete with an attempt to assassinate our friendly visitors. All first-person action is confined to one ship in the states, but there are 11 more spread around the globe; twelve in all.

Let’s start with a basic premise, which actually has merit. Aliens are actually demons.  And this isn’t a new concept, as it was already in discussion in the 60’s and 70’s.  Previous articles here have gone into more depth as to how this makes sense.

Apparently the aliens are aware of all time. Their language, which is only written in the movie, indicates an awareness that transcends the immediate and extends throughout time.  This is a theme that is developed, and Amy Adam’s character is actually given this ability as she becomes fluent in their written language.  She ultimately is able to see her whole life laid out before her, knowing everything that will happen.

Spirits live outside our 3-dimensional universe. They occupy the fourth dimension of time.  So there’s a parallel here of aliens having this quality just as demons and angels do.

Time is a tough subject to nail down. To borrow another’s analogy (C.S. Lewis??) think of all time as a 3-dimensional cube.  There is a track that worms around in it from its beginning to its ending.  We are somewhere on that track.  God exists outside of time and can see the whole.  Given free will, we can see that wherever the path goes is a result of our collective choices.  Biblically, we are also aware that God can enter the “cube” anywhere along the path…even nudge it.

Mankind has always coveted this ability, hence Tarot Cards, fortune tellers, and the like. ARRIVAL, and the book it is based on, portrays a full awareness of time to raise the question of free will; do we have it?  Is the future set, because we choose it with free will, whether we realize what we have truly chosen, or is it malleable because of free will?  If you know your future, would you be locked into it, and if so, does free will evaporate?

One more note on time and knowing one’s future. I believe it was Leo Atreides in the Dune Series by Frank Herbert who experienced a transformation and lived thousands of years.  The same event gave him a clear sight of the future of the entire universe and all in it.  He spent his centuries in boredom, looking to be surprised just once!  Who would want that?

I also realized that the circular sentence with a gap is an occult symbol of the snake molting or biting its own tail: SERPENT OR SNAKE: Most earth-centered or pagan cultures worshipped the serpent. It represents rebirth (because of its molting), protection against evil, either male of female sexuality, rain and fertility, a mediator between the physical and spiritual world…. It also represents female energy or lifeforce in goddess worship, sometimes linked to the eastern Kundalini force or a supposed “goddess within.”

I find the one meaning of being a mediator between the physical and spiritual worlds to be especially apropos in this context.

lucifer_project_21Again, the aliens are the good guys, here to save humanity from itself, just as certain Vatican personnel at their observatory have stated. The observatory, by the way, has a very special telescope called the LUCIFER device.  It’s a one-off, special infrared telescope.  Why?  It gets better photographs of UFO’s and strange planets than telescope using our normal light range.  Seriously.  They’re on record with this.

Let’s go back to the number of ships, twelve. Ring a bell?  The twelve tribes of Israel, twelve apostles who spread the Word of God to all the world?  On top of that, humanity will need to learn to work together to fully understand their entire message to earth and their language.  And that one, universal language will enable man to bring peace to the planet.

Except for just one historical precedent, it sounds pretty enticing. Are you thinking of The Tower of Babel as I am?  With one language, mankind felt invincible and decided to build a tower to the heavens.  Just to show God a thing or two about how great they were.

While it all seems like a stretch, do the math. Ask yourself how many stretches on the same theme need to be present in something like this before it starts looking like a pattern?  How many connections to real world parallels and established theology would you need in one event to say none are coincidences?  Do you know a math whiz?  Ask her!

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