For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.   Matthew 24:24

Two days ago, in Part Eight of Connecting the Dots, I spoke of how those in much higher positions of authority, particularly at the Vatican, are anticipating the arrival of aliens to guide humanity. They will be more moral, have a better understanding of God, and “enlighten” us on what the Gospels really mean.  Renouncing beliefs prior to that time may be required.

Our entertainment overall is almost completely pre-occupied with both the occult and aliens. Vampires are sympathetic characters now.  Even Satan is the PROtagonist in his own television series!The Day The Earth Stood Still

A remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still a few years ago told a very different story from the original. Specimens of life on earth were taken up into spacecraft for transplanting on another planet before the earth is destroyed.


The technology actually exists to project realistic, 3-D images in the sky. Jesus’ second coming could be counterfeited, with Him morphing into other images to tell the world that he’s many things to many people.  A voice can be projected directly into our heads; the tech also exists.  Not so, you say?

Here is the link to the full, if brief, radio interview with Dr. Nick Begich from six years ago:

I can hear the voices; I’m a conspiracy theorist, it’s all too fantastical, am I off my meds, etc. But if this is all a bunch paranoid delusions, why are there legislative bodies seriously considering this and other issues?

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; DARPA, is taking this sort of thing seriously. See an excerpt from a presentation by Dr. Nick Begich:

HAARPHAARP is the technology that can do this. The most well-known site is in Alaska, but there are multiple locations of these arrays around the world.  It can send out energy waves across a wide band of frequencies, which can affect people, weather, and who knows what else.  Governments are taking it very seriously:

“European Parliament resolution following the HAARP sections calls for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments & deployments of any weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings.” Dr. Nick Begich. 

We got rid of cable TV over a year ago. Netflix has plenty of movies and TV shows to keep me busy!  I just “binge-watched” The Colony, the sequel to The Arrival.  How does the first season end?  With the hero’s children threatened with indoctrination into siding with the aliens.  The indoctrination is presented in a religious tone, replacing bibles at a local church.

As I wrote in the last article, look these things up for yourself. It is all out there and not hard to find.  You just need to look…and watch.

Your ideas are important too!

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