Connecting the Dots; The Book of Enoch, Part 3

Enoch-Sakach-Ph-D-9780934917056There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.   Genesis 6:4

This brings me back to a theme I’ve sounded before; The Olivet Discourse, otherwise known as Matthew 24. Jesus did not say that all they needed to know was that they were saved when the disciples asked Jesus about the future and end times.  He gave them a Cliff Notes version of Revelation.  He warned them – and us – that the last days will be like those in Noah’s time before The Flood.

Fortunately, we can see just what was happening at that time in Genesis 6. It gives us the broad brushstrokes of what those days were like.  The Book of Enoch gives us a great deal of detail.  I believe it is an authentic work even though many doubt that.


“There were giants in the earth…”


First, it brings detail to the beginnings of the Nephilim and names the angels that decided to sin against God. Enoch describes the immense size of the Nephilim, the fact that humans fed them, and that the Nephilim started eating them and each other when supplies ran out.  They became cannibals.

And when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against 5them and devoured mankind.    Enoch 7: 4b-5a

Now here is an extra-Biblical dot to connect. Giant skeletons have been found in abundance in North America as well as around the world.  Most of these stay within the twenty foot height, but there are some outliers stretching much taller than that.

Along with this is the oral history of the North American Indians which tells of a giant race of cannibals who came from the west. Their history says that they arrived about 2500 years before Columbus or about 1000 BC.  These giants were extremely violent and cannibalistic.  What is also interesting is that Indians describe them as having six fingers and toes and double rows of teeth.  This matches perfectly with the archeological record of skeletons that have been found here and around the world.  It also matches the descriptions of the giants in Canaan, specifically King Og and Goliath’s brothers.  See the following excerpts from articles about a few of these finds.

After a time, and having endured the outrages of these giants, it is said that the people banded together, and through the final force of about 800 warriors, successfully annihilated all of the abhorrent Ronnongwetowanca people. After that, it was said that there were no giants anywhere. This was supposed to have happened around 2,500 winters before Columbus discovered America, i.e. around 1000 B.C.E.-the time that the Adena seem to have arrive in the Ohio Valley.   (2000 Ross Hamilton, Computer Images ©2000 Patricia Mason.  All rights reserved.)

And –

Giant Skeleton…these skeletons had heights which ranged from 7.6 feet up to 10 feet and the skulls were much bigger than the heads of any type of person who lived inside America today. The story also said the skulls had double rows of teeth, six toes on each foot and six fingers on each hand… In 2002, National Geographic did a report on 12 skeletons that were supposedly discovered in Greece. They were measured at heights between 12 to 15 feet tall. (From Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Wisconsin?  By Kimberly Ruble on February 4, 2014)

Another find just south of Lake Erie in northern Ohio:

Later, in 1878, another discovery in the county of Ashtabula County, Ohio. Mounds were excavated on land belonging to Peleg Sweet, a man of large features. In the first mound, they unearthed a skull and jaw which were of such size that the skull would cover Sweet’s head and the jaw could be easily slipped over his face. Excavating further, they discovered these mounds contained the graves estimated between two and three thousand. Many of the skeletons found were of gigantic proportions.   (From Giants of Ohio and the Mound Builders by Mary Sutherland, author of Living in the Light)

Finally –

During the past few years a huge controversy has emerged accusing the Smithsonian (and a host of skeptics and archaeologists) of covering up the discovery of hundreds of giant skeletons from Native American Indian mounds. Jim Vieira is one of the key people who began uncovering hundreds of newspaper accounts of giant skeletons after he became intrigued by his visits to stone chambers found primarily in northeastern states. To date, Vieira has pulled together about 1,500 accounts from newspapers and books published in the 1800s and early 1900s. The newspaper stories relate that the skeletons ranged in size from 7 feet to well over 18 feet in length. (From The truth about giant skeletons in American Indian mounds, and the Smithsonian cover-up)

Another interesting tidbit is that of the stereotypical Indian greeting.  We’ve all seen it; right hand raised and a solemn “How!” resonates from the Indian.

Indian Hand Greeting

“How” Many Fingers?

We were always told that this greeting showed a stranger that they were unarmed and not a danger. That sounded good until I started learning about the giants in North America.  This interpretation holds no water.  Indians always carried a weapon of some sort, whether a knife as a tool to a tomahawk or bow and arrow.  Any of these could be worn at the waist or slung over a shoulder, so an empty hand means nothing.


The giants were not always freakishly tall, but they were all very violent and cannibalistic.   The one way an Indian could show someone that he was not one of THOSE guys, was to show that he had only five fingers.


So there are a couple dots connected for you.

Coming up; just how carried away did the fallen angels get in ruining humans and the earth?

Your ideas are important too!

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