Let It Shine!!

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.    Matthew 5:16

Light Shining from Darkness

And the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it…


I had the experience of meeting someone I’d been conversing with on line for over a year now. And, no, it was NOT a bad experience!


“Oh, you, uh…you met a new friend on the internet. Mm-hm.  Wellll…let me know how that works out for you.  By the way; how do feel about going through life with only one kidney?  I’m just asking.”

Nothing like that, OK? I couldn’t help wondering if we’d each come across in person as we have over email.  Written communication is often mis-interpreted.  Plus, I started wondering what there would be left to talk about when we do meet!

It turns out there was a lot to chat over, laugh over, and get serious over. We checked up on family situations, re-hashed funny stuff, got into a few things too hard to convey by email, and found out that we each found the other to be very much what we perceived by email.

Even more so for me. Replaying the hour in my mind, I finally realized a few key things that are so important, the things that left me even more impressed than before.

BEING INTENTIONAL – The impact of eye contact, gesture, and focus came across like a wave. Some people shake hands like they’d rather not.  This person started the visit with a huge hug!  There was no half-way approach to anything, whether a good laugh or shared concerns.

Too many times I deal with people who can’t express themselves, have no passion for anything in life, nor have any idea why they are alive let alone what to do with that gift!

BEING POSITIVE – This person can talk about anything, good or bad, and recognize the positive that is possible. It’s not a Pollyanna attitude.  It’s an understanding that comes from the deepest pain, the darkest grief, and having been rescued from those depths.  It’s a matter of compassion that can even weather attacks from others for nothing more than expressing an idea.  The attacks always hurt, but the grace under fire is always there too.

SHINING – Yeah, this one is tougher to convey. Let’s start with a cliché’ and see how that works: The eye are the window of the soul.  Well, those eyes shone.  There was a light in there that came from somewhere deep inside, a confidence of being.  They shared a peace and acceptance with me that I think we all see too seldom.

And in case you’re wondering, that light was Jesus.

My friend is alive for one reason alone; acceptance of God to save and heal body and soul, leaving it all to Him. That’s it.  Nothing more, because nothing else is needed.  When you let Jesus’ light shine through your eyes, everything you do will be intentional.  You intend to talk about God.  You intend to treat people with courtesy and grace.  You intend to reflect the positivity you have learned from a God with Whom all things are possible.  Most of all, you…



Your ideas are important too!

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