Atheists and Quantum Theory

While I personally do not believe that quantum theory is yet a complete theory, as a philosopher/theologian, I derive some satisfaction in that its implications challenge the ideas of material realists who find no need for there to be a Creator-God. Quantum theory holds that fundamental reality consists not of actual “stuff” but of […]

via Atheists and Quantum Theory — Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.(Horace Mann)

11 thoughts on “Atheists and Quantum Theory

    • Absurd nonsense. It’s a good example of a straw man fallacy. Misrepresent your opponents view and argue against that. Ridiculous.
      How can you hope that a nobody on Youtube can construct a well thought out argument?

      • Actually, having studied philosophy and reading a good deal on physics – you should try Stephen Hawking’s a brief History of Time – his argument has it’s merits.

        Here is where you fall down. You make an accusation of using a fallacy of logic; the straw man. If you know that one, you probably know argumentum ad hominem, argument against the man. In other words, if you can’t argue the point, insult the person. How do you know the author is a nobody? Do know him personally?

        So you complain about him using fallacious reasoning, but do exactly the same thing yourself. What credibility do you have at this point? Is it possible for you to present your ideas without rancor and on their own merits?

      • You have a point, it was unfair to use that dismissive term ‘nobody’. It happened because I have become tired of blogs that refer to YouTube videos as he they are a viable reference.
        I stand by the other accusations against the presenter’s reasoning.

      • What about the other video I suggested? Are you willing to listen to someone who is both a former atheist and is well acquainted with those beliefs and is a trained scientist? I would welcome a reasoned response. Honest dialogue benefits all. And THANK YOU for your return here! You are welcome here.

      • There is nothing there that reduces my sense of despair in christianity. The whole piece is based on the assumption that the bible is without fallacy.

      • Lots of reasons, an enormous number of people following a belief system based on 1 severely flawed book + not much else. So many bloggers discus the perceived inferiority of atheists’ morality.

      • The sad truth is that so many Christians, however well-intended, don’t give God a very good name. We don’t always put our best foot forward. There are those whose behaviour I detest, however right they think they are. I completely understand and agree with you that many Christian bloggers look down on atheists, which is not what God would have us do.

        Allow me to submit that, barring anything else to draw on, people often judge God on the behaviour of Christians, a.k.a. people. We are all flawed, we all sin, but Christians know that Jesus took that guilt on Himself on the cross.

        My favorite description of real Christianity is that Christians are like a bunch of hungry people trying to tell other hungry people where the food is. To carry the analogy a bit further, many Christians lose their own way back in the process. They can’t find the food again. At least not right away. So they blog mean things about atheists and anyone else. Christians truly do not hold some high moral ground, although we do try to scale that mountain to be better. Our main claim is that we’re forgiven when we go south.

        As for the Bible being severely flawed, I understand that perception too. There are lot of writings about perceived flaw in it. However, there are things that point to the Bible being a very accurate book. I wrote a 7 part review of The Exodus Case by Dr. Lennart Moller, a research scientist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. I’ve got the links to each entry below for your convenience. Each part is a very shallow look at several sections of Dr. Moller’s book; I only aimed to review the book. But his detail and scientific approach are very intriguing. I hope you will give any or all of them a look. I’d be interested to hear your reaction.

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