Hope or No Hope?

Young Family.JPG

The Youngs

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.    Romans 15:13


Keri and Royce Young are expecting their second baby. They are expecting great things.  Why?

An ultrasound checkup revealed that their daughter, Eva, has a terminal defect of the brain and skull. Apparently not all of either one is there.  If carried to term, her life expectancy ranges from a few minutes to possibly 36 hours.  The seemingly obvious choice is to abort.  There’s no hope.

They said the first 48 hours ‘were very dark and very heavy and very testing’, with Keri finding it difficult to eat while grappling with the existence of God.

Keri and Royce GMA

Keri & Royce on Good Morning America

Hope is what they ended up finding after those first dark hours. Keri will carry Eva to term, and then have her delivered by caesarian.  After that, they’ll wait.  Eva will be allowed the chance for life, even though the odds are impossible.


Keri Young said: ‘Now is not the time to be sad…She’s alive and she’s kicked and … for this pregnancy, that’s the most joyful part’

Knowing the odds, they will allow her naturally expired body to be used for organ donations.

Every time someone asks when she’s expecting, there’s the pain of knowing what the three of them face. They believe everyone in life has a purpose; even the unborn.  They will not let Eva be denied her purpose, whether it is to be a miracle baby or a donor who saves several lives.

Keri and Royce

Dedicated…to the end


Royce Young said: ‘For as long as she lives, we realized we’re her momma and her daddy and we have got to do our job.  There’s another family out there…hoping that their baby’s going to get a kidney. They’re praying for a miracle themselves, but Eva can be that miracle.  ‘She’s going to do more in her 24 hours than maybe we’ll ever do in our lives.’

If you’ve read much by me, you know I stand against abortion and any manner of destroying human embryos for stem cells, parts, etc. I want to be sure no one mistakes my stance here.  Eva was not conceived to be a source of anyone’s spare parts.  She was conceived in love, and her parents are heart-broken, but committed to her.

‘This was not an easy decision,’ she explained in December. ‘For the next 20 weeks I will feel her kick, [I’ll] have the hiccups, and we’ll be able to hear her perfect heart beating all while knowing we’ll only get a few short hours with her when she’s born.’

They still want to be Eva’s parents. They still want to care for her, regardless of how short a time that might be.

The couple had to decide between the short-term pain of carrying to full term or the long-term regret of inducing early.

Read about Eva Young for yourself.

Eva Young

Eva’s Ultrasound

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