And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.   Genesis 2:18

Robots could soon be covered in real human flesh, Oxford boffins claim. Grab your pitchforks, scientists want to coat robots in muscle fibers and tissue so they look just like us.

Just Skin and Drones

This has GOT to stop! I mean right now, not tomorrow. With all of the research and development going into robotics – and not a little of it toward perfecting sex-bots – things have already past the getting-out-of-hand stage.

Try the article SILICONCUBINES about sex-bots used for “therapy.”  I also recently saw an article on a company – I’m serious – that is developing child sex-bots.

Now they’re working on ways to make a robot almost indistinguishable from a live person. The article highlights how growing real skin and tendons on robot frames (think Terminator) will advance the search for replacement parts far beyond where we are now.  Those pieces of flesh will be more mechanically accurate in terms of how they move compared to what we get from God.

I am not necessarily against medical advances, unless it hurts someone else in the process, like harvesting stem cells from human embryos. While the intentions may be good, someone will highjack this for…other purposes.

Why else is there a picture in the article of inventor/researcher Ricky Ma with his Mark 1 life size robot? It takes a second glance to realize he is not really standing next to Scarlett Johansson.

This will be an advance past bio-bots “…made of living cells that can wriggle and walk.” See Franken-Robots.  So far, these bio-bots are under a centimeter in size, but “Last year the researchers were able to make bots powered by rat’s heart move.”

Here’s the thing; when God wanted Adam to have some company, he produced a living, flesh and blood woman. The deal was that it would be just those two together, making and raising a family.  No musical chairs with spouses, no swinger parties with those first people throwing their leaves on a coffee table.

If you really want to tick Him off, commit a sin involving sex. Someone else’s wife?  Very bad for you!  Homosexual playing around?  Worse for you!  Going animalistic?  You don’t want to know.  The most drastic punishments happen in the sex part of the laws.

Mating with a robot? That didn’t get covered, but I’m thinking He can’t be happy about it.

Find your life-long mate. Love him or her mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Make each other happy.  Make each other feel good and wanted.  That’s why God didn’t make robots.  He made us, beings that can choose!  He likes when we choose Him.  He likes when we treat each other as we were created to, choosing each other.

Robots don’t have a choice; they aren’t even alive. Yet.  We’ll save AI for maybe another time!

2 thoughts on “JUST SKIN AND DRONES

  1. The VI commandment Thou shall not commit adultery.
    Sub section A. Thou shall not commit beastiality, which is sodomy with man or animal.
    B. Thou shall not commit adultery with the lust of the eye. (Don’t watch porn and don’t even look at a prostitute even if one should wink at you. Walk away from one. Walk on the other side of the street.)
    C. Thou shall not hug a tree and put your junk in its knot hole.
    D. Thou shall not tattoo your privet parts and deface My temple.
    E. I have designed and made for you the perfect help mated. You are of one flesh. You shall have no other. Submit unto your husband as unto the Lord. There is no substitute for the REAL thing!
    F. Thou shall not go whoring for silicone gods for I AM a jealous God.
    G. Woe unto you, for if you break these commandments you will mourn for your sin and suffer for them.
    H. Repent and turn away from sin. “Come unto me and I will give you comfort and rest.” says the Lord God of heaven.
    I, the Pharisee, have spoken. So let it be done.

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