One thought on “Quote for 2/19/2017

  1. What is Love? There are three types of love, unconditional, brotherly and erotic. What is the Truth, the Way and the Life kind of love? Unconditional love! God tells us to love our enemy. If you can do that, that is unconditional love. How can we do that when it is our nature to hate our enemy? We pray for our enemy. We bless them by being kind. We turn the other cheek. We give witness by living a righteous life. The greatest witness of all is if we become martyrs for Christ. We do these things even though it is loathsome by nature. We live a spiritual life. God loved us first even though we were His enemy. God forgave our hate for Him. Now we give love back to God. For this it is our duty to love our enemy even as God loved and forgave us. He considers us righteous by our belief in His son. When we love our enemy we give God the glory He deserves. You make your enemy ashamed that they hated you. You might even win them over to love you and the God that sent you to them.

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