Another Step Toward Eugenics


You shall have no other gods before Me.    Exodus 20:3


Scientists keep getting confused.  They keep mistaking themselves for God.  They want to reach past the womb and into a living human being when just small embryo and make changes in its genes.


Some actually believe they are trying to do something good for humanity, but they are being moved along by those with a deliberate goal of eugenics; creating their own personal vision of the perfect human race.


I’d invite you to see a series I did on this last year.  See Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 1.  Also 7 Creepiest Possibilities of DNA Editing, same day.


The latest article I’ve seen, U.S. experts soften on DNA editing of human eggs, sperm, embryos, reports that scientists and even ethicists are edging closer to editing human DNA.


The report from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the National Academy of Medicine said scientific advances make gene editing in human reproductive cells “a realistic possibility that deserves serious consideration.”


Just over a year ago, December 2015, the same group said it would be irresponsible to gene edit human embryos, even for therapeutic purposes until safety and other issues can be resolved.


Question #1 – How do you solve safety issues without working on human embryos?


Question #2 – “Therapeutic” can cover a lot of ground.  Who gets to define it?


Such questions are a part of why this activity is illegal in the USA, although some European countries have legalized it.  The USA hold out is, I believe, because we are still closer to our founding Christian principles than our European brethren who have fallen further from God than we have.  As we follow in their faithless wake, our ethics, our morals will soften toward genetic engineering just as theirs have.


Although gene editing of human reproductive cells to correct inherited diseases “must be approached with caution, caution does not mean prohibition,” the committee said in a statement.


The above quotation is seen as a green light to proceed.  These really are the first steps in engineering the race as a whole.  You see, a change in you would be passed on to your following generations.  Ditto anyone else who was gene edited as an embryo through no choice of their own.  I can’t help thinking it as the ultimate form of rape.


Once even a minority of people have been edited in utero, the cascade effect will have its result downstream.  And once it’s OK to edit for disease and defects, it’ll be easier to edit for things that will likely be argued as being defects; hair color, eye color, height, intelligence.


The designer baby idea just might come to fruition.  Oh, we can’t fathom that now.  Just like a few decades ago we would never have thought gay marriage would be legalized and God’s rainbow misappropriated and projected on the White House.


Think of the super bugs that live in hospitals just because we’ve been dependent on antibiotics for generations.  What will limiting genetic information in the world’s population do to humans in that future?


Man has a tendency to muck things up.  Our history is littered with the ways people have killed each other and ravaged the planet.  What makes anyone think they have the right to play God, as if they could do anything but worse when they try?

That’s why God is God.  And we’re not.

Your ideas are important too!

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