US Air Force Experiments to Create Super Soldiers

The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?   Psalm 27:1

The further I read into this article, the creepier it got. My first reaction to the headline was wondering what sort of drug program they were using.  Alas, it is something far more insidious.

The successful tests at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio used electrical brain stimulators to enhance the mental skills of soldiers. It is hoped the research could lead to treatments for drone operators, air crews and others in demanding roles… Researchers were shocked to find those who had the treatment began  to perform better than the control group just four minutes into the test.

Electrical brain stimulation. My first thought was MKUltra, the mind control program used by the CIA.  This is well-documented in the literature, including its abuses and eventual “shutdown.”  There are persistent stories and eye-witness/victim accounts of its continued activities to the current day.  Go ahead and Google it.  There’s plenty out there.  Brice Taylor’s accounts are by far the most compelling.  Her story is like others’ and closely mirrors the techniques of the original program; electro-shock, drugs, and torture to create multiple personalities and computer-like mental capabilities.

I know MKUltra was “officially” shut down, but don’t believe it. It went under wraps just like other efforts of governmental and the elite.  Take a look at my Pirates of the Sacred Spiral Part 5 at  This entry is a timeline of events in the history of DNA research and its control and abuse.  Specifically, look at the entry for 1898, second paragraph.  Then think about the state of American education and see what you think.

Continuing with using electricity to create Supersoldiers, this from the article:

‘We don’t know how the stimulation of one brain region affects the surrounding, unstimulated regions,” Roy Hamilton, MD, MS, an assistant professor of Neurology and director of the Laboratory for Cognition and Neural Stimulation at University of Pennsylvania said. 

‘Stimulating one region could improve one’s ability to perform one task but hurt the ability to perform another.’

In addition, what a person is doing during tDCS – reading a book, watching TV, sleeping – can change its effects, researchers say.

Which activity is best to achieve a certain change in brain function is not yet known.

Weird enough for you yet? Hang on.  Brain stimulation kits are already on the market and being sold online.  Who is their demographic?  Parents who want to boost their children’s performance at school!  Again, from the article regarding the Air Force tests –

Up to 30 per cent of experimental subjects respond with radically different changes in brain activity to the majority. 

Factors such as gender, handedness, hormones, medication, etc. could impact and potentially reverse a given tDCS effect.  

Parents somewhere are buying this stuff, strapping it onto their kids heads to help them get A’s.

Remember the good ol’ days when it was all about hard work and clean living?  Not anymore.

Instead of relying on God to strengthen us, whether in school or elsewhere, we go for gadgets and our own imaginations, our own technology. Since when is an “A” so important that we’ll screw around with the bodies and brains God gave us? What about simple work? What about trusting God to guide us along the path He has for us? But, no. Again, we look for the shortcut, something rife with possibilities for accidental damage and/or abuse.

Here is the link to the full article.

6 thoughts on “US Air Force Experiments to Create Super Soldiers

  1. That is really out there…science fiction type of stuff. Very scary…but then again, just part of our natural progression. Why should we be surprised? We already think we can “choose” our gender, we are working in cloning ourselves, single parent children. Why wouldn’t we play God with our own brains? With almost our very souls…

    • I often write about these things, wishing none of it was true, that I’d wake up to find it was just a dream, a joke. There is a lot of this sort of thing going on. It’s all about man being his own god instead of relying on God. I get news mostly through the London Daily Mail Online and some from the Drudge Report. Mainstream media never talks about these things. Thank you for reading and for your thoughts!

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