Happy Birthday!

How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.      Psalm 36:7

Today is my eldest daughter’s birthday! We brought her home Christmas morning.  What a gift!

What can I tell you about her? She’s always had a great, dry sense humor.

When she could only crawl we would play hide and seek. I’d set her down in the breakfast nook and hide as fast as I could, because she just started coming.  Two regular hiding places were behind the recliner and in the front hall closet.  She quickly realized that if that door squeaked, that’s where I hid.  I decided to throw her a curve.

I ran to the closet, squeaked the door, and dove behind the recliner. She comes motoring in, making a bee-line for the closet.  She stops by the recliner, looks right at me, and then keeps going to find me there.

Pavlov thought he was so smart. I did it with my daughter!

She pulls the door open, sees an empty closet, and then it hits her. She looks back at me, and I don’t know who laughed harder; her or me!

She has loved horses from an early age. We took one of our first family vacations to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.  She got her first horse ride on a mounted tour of the entire grounds.  She eventually went to school to learn the equine business.  Today she works at a thoroughbred stable, caring for horses that cost more than my first house!

She’s a true horse whisperer. She talks to them, and they do what she tells them to.

“Now, Rocko,” she baby-talks to the Friesian, “you just leave Mack alone and stop fighting.” Both horses stop, look at her, and just walk off.  Incredible!

Friesian Stock Photo18947219-gorgeous-friesian-stallion-with-long-mane-running-on-pasturage-in-spring-stock-photo

She amazed a barn manager in New Mexico, being the only person who could handle a mistreated stallion, known for going after people.  They developed a game of sorts, where the stallion would try and sneak up on her to nip her – not hurt her, mind you.  When she caught him, he’d bolt off as if to complain, “Curses!  Foiled again!”  Reset.  Round two coming up.

No one else dared to be so familiar with that horse.

Unfortunately, she’s had so many health problems over the years that we can only trust God to provide for her when Julie and I no longer can. She’s been working part time at her current position for just over a year.  She had major surgery a year and a half ago to correct a problem that kept her from so much as walking across the house.  And that wasn’t the biggest of her ailments.

Has she grown bitter? No!  Her suffering has made her an exceptionally compassionate person.  Her faith in God has gone from doubtful to rock-solid.

She’s a God-made miracle from womb to womanhood. We love her with our whole hearts.

Happy Birthday!!

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