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Leviticus 19:36

You shall have honest scales, honest weights, an honest ephah, and an honest hin: I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt.

Dateline Bloomington, IN – Indiana city renames Columbus Day and Good Friday to be more ‘culturally sensitive’


I get that Native Americans may not be too thrilled about Columbus Day. However, we now live in a land which is now defined by the history starting with Columbus, for better or worse.  Did American Indians get mammothly screwed?  Yes!  Is the USA a place where people can and do move beyond whatever socio-economic disadvantages they have?  Yes!  Check out the Indian casinos, owned by the tribes.  The wealth from which, by the way, is not evenly and fairly shared with all members of the tribe.

Let’s remember Columbus and the subsequent centuries, replete with the evils done. We can learn from the bad, hopefully not to be repeated, parts of that history.  Let’s also be thankful for the USA and the good it has done around the world.

If we sweep Columbus Day and the following history from our collective memories, we lose those lessons, good and bad.

Good Friday – how about being culturally sensitive to the people, the faith that BROUGHT us Good Friday and the other Christian holy days? It’s their holiday; does culturally slapping them across the face somehow make everyone else feel included now?  If they want to be included, how about they join with those Christians instead of compromising their religion and faith?

Mayor John Hamilton wrote in his memo “We are terrifically proud of our diverse workforce at the city…That diversity makes us stronger and more representative of the public we proudly serve.”

So, watering down a holiday that is a lynchpin of the faith of a part of that diverse community, is the mayor’s way of strengthening diversity.


But let’s cut to the chase. There are two reasons for this change that have nothing to do with inclusivity:

    1. As the mayor puts it, “These updated names for two days of well-merited time off is another way we can demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity.”
      1. In other words, we want to ensure our paid day off
  • “Residents of Bloomington – which has a population of 82,575 – are likely to welcome the move as the city and surrounding Monroe County is overwhelmingly liberal, due in part to the presence of Indiana University. Monroe County gave Hillary Clinton 58.6 per cent of the vote in the recent presidential election – and almost 14,000 votes more than Donald Trump.”
  • In other words, we’re following our liberal agenda of compromising Christianity at every opportunity with an eye toward making the government our provider, not God


Inclusivity and diversity don’t work as excuses for this action.  If they did, the mayor would want to preserve Christian diversity.  It’s obvious; all you need do is pay attention to the meaning of words that are misused to hide actions.

Use honest words, watch for dishonest words, and don’t be deceived by politically correct speech.

Your ideas are important too!

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