And So it Begins…In Earnest

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.   Colossians 3:17 KJV

It is 8:37am Central Standard Time as I start to contemplate what I might write today. I thought I’d check the news and see what this morning has brought so far; perhaps an article about lines formed overnight outside big box stores and the financial slaughter retailers hope to enjoy.

Before the cash registers can start to ring, shots ring out, tires squeal, and the human slaughter begins.

The first headline I see on The London Daily Mail Online is this –

Black Friday madness: One person is shot dead outside a Macy’s and another killed in a road rage incident at Walmart as stores open their doors ahead of $3.1 billion holiday splurge 

8:37am CST. Not early enough to read the news without a headline like this.  Too late to start the day with good news.

WWJD? Weep, I think.

Last Saturday I wrote And So It Begins – – describing my ambivalence over Christmas.  I miss the memories and feelings of my youth.  I cherish the traditional carols.  I miss the beautiful decorations and lights.  Not having done any of that in years, no decorations or presents, has been a bit of a relief even as I miss the “Old Ways.”  No pressure at the start, no depression when it’s over.

By the headline, at least two families will wish for the Old Ways. In earnest.  We’ll see what the toll is, financial and human, tomorrow morning.

This morning tells us why Luke and the other apostles only record the story with no more than a hint as to at least the time of year Jesus was truly born. Can you imagine if we were able to nail down the exact date?  It’s bad enough that we at least think we know where He was born.  There has been so much contention over who owns that site!

Personally, I vote for God. But that’s just me.

I would like to tell everyone to do voluntarily what a layoff forced me to do; downsize your Christmas to some favorite music, a favorite meal, a church service or two, the latter followed up by continuous attendance afterward.

I’m going to ask all of you for a favor, something I’ve never asked before. My readership is not yet large enough to have the impact I hope it would for something like this.  I’m going to ask you to re-blog this article just to try and spread this idea just a bit further.  No, this isn’t a bid to promote my blog.  I just feel strongly about getting Christmas back to being…smaller.  Something more meaningful and less dangerous.

If you don’t want to re-blog this, maybe write your own article on making Christmas more of what it should be this year and following years. Put it in your words, your feelings.  Let’s at least make an effort to change the tide within our own sphere of influence.

Will we make enough of a difference to stop these headlines? To paraphrase something I heard years ago, we likely won’t.  But it’s in the trying that we succeed.

8 thoughts on “And So it Begins…In Earnest

  1. I’m not religious, as you know, but I do agree that the best Christmases are those without the commercialism. No one should get shot waiting in line for a store to open, and no one should get in a fight over that perfect toy for a child. My best Christmas ever was the one when I had no money, my then husband was laid up with an injury, and our friends “made” us a Christmas tree out of branches left over at the tree lots late Christmas eve. Thinking of that still brings tears to my eyes.

    • The simplest, purest is always the best. God wishes us nothing but love and peace, and we are privileged when He uses us to make another’s life better. Your friend’s kindness, I think, was God putting some love and peace in your life. Something so profound that it still affects you today! Blessings to you as you once again enter into His season! With love, Jeff

      • Okay, great! 🙂 Only note that I’m using the “classic” WP format for posting. So if you’re using the new “blue” format, then I’m not sure where to find stuff. It ought to work basically the same, though…

        First, upload images to your media folder.
        Next, click cursor wherever you’d like to place an image within your post.
        Click “add media” from atop the tool bar and select desired pic.

        Last, but not least… Once posted, do not delete images from your media file. Any pics removed from your media folder will also disappear from your blog post :-/

        Hope that helps! I’m no expert, but feel free to ask if you have further questions 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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