I’m Voting For…

Romans 13:4

For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.

I’ll tell you who in a bit. I just want to be clear on a few things up front.  My point is to share my PROCESS, not make a recommendation!  I’ve gone from not wanting to cast a presidential vote for the first time in my life to thinking I should do SOMETHING and then back again to apathy.  Several times.  At this time – IF I go vote tomorrow – I think I know who I’ll pull the lever for.

God institutes governments for His purposes. I’m reminded of Israel’s Babylonian captivity.  God raised that “government” to give Israel a much-need spanking.  Of course, they got theirs in the end.  God also influences the affairs of men, as he did in the story of Esther, when he denied sleep to the king.  The king then had some old proclamations read to him, theoretically to help him nod off, I guess.  That’s when He was reminded of a debt he owed to Esther’s uncle, ultimately saving the day.

We also need to be active to be part of God’s work. I say that not even God can steer a car that’s not rolling.  Perhaps, when we vote, we are playing our part in God’s plan.  Perhaps.

To the presidential race; this has devolved into a “Your mother wears army boots” playground squabble.  Neither candidate’s message has anything to do with how they will be good for the country.  It’s all about the other person being the lowest form of life.

I was listening to a radio show yesterday, and the host quite correctly pointed out that a discussion of whose transgressions are worse is a non-starter. Not saying either set of allegations is true, but if true, how can one “pick” either rapist or traitor?

He made the point that in this whole election it’s all accusations. No one has had due process; neither Clinton nor Trump.  The Constitution says “Innocent till proven guilty.”  The problem is that due process isn’t going to happen by end of day tomorrow.

To me the question boils down to our NECESSITY of playing judge, jury, and voter by the time our respective polls close tomorrow. Since we can’t morally choose if a traitor or a rapist will make a better president, the question, for me, boils down to this; which candidate is least likely to be convicted if indicted?

I will also add this, because until I heard about it yesterday on the radio, I hadn’t heard about Trump being accused of rape. I had heard how he’s been accused of being a misogynist pig, etc. but the rape thing was news for me.  Sorry.  I cut off my cable, and I only read news on the internet.  It’s been a busy week.

IF you think that the rape charge is bogus – where was she all of these years, only to show up now? – Trump is left being a self-aggrandizing, egomaniacal, misogynist pig of a man. According to “The Psychopath Test” by Jon Ronson, all CEO’s of large corporations have at least elements of being a psychopath if not being an out-and-out psychopath.  It has to do with the sort of decisions that need to be made at that level and the lack of empathy that psychopaths tend to display.  To put it another way…

…I’m reminded of Jack Nicholson in the last courtroom scene in “A Few Good Men.”

“My existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives!…You WANT me on that wall! You NEED me on that wall!!”  https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=chr-yie11&p=you+want+me+on+that+wall#id=1&vid=e091065a31aecddd737ba0d190d44179&action=click

Would I want to have Trump or Nicholson/Col. Jessup over to meet the wife and kids? Would I even want to go have a beer with Trump or Col. Jessup?  The obvious answer is, “Aw, HELL’S no!”  But maybe – just maybe – a seasoned businessman who spends a fair amount of time dancing along the out-of-bounds line is what’s needed in a world of government leaders with far lower ethics and morals than Trump.

Given the amount of information out there and the idea that too many coincidences turn into a pattern, I think Clinton is criminal; I once read a list of people associated with the Clintons who ended up dead with very interesting timing. For some people, “Benghazi” is the only word needed.  For others it’s “Lewinsky.”

All that being said, Trump would be who I vote for if I go tomorrow. And I reiterate; I’m not putting this out here to convince anyone to make the same choice.  I’m just sharing my thought process in the hope that it might help others at this down-to-the-wire moment.  If you find a hole in my thought process and want to vote for Hillary, please share!  Just be polite or I’ll delete your comments.

Of course, if I decide that Trump really is a rapist, maybe I’ll just stay home tomorrow, eat a lot of chocolate, and watch a movie.

UPDATE:  At 3:54 PM, 11/7, the London Daily Mail Online reports an update on the rape accusations against Trump:

“But DailyMail.com has been told that elements of what Johnson had claimed crumbled at the last minute…

A source with knowledge of the controversial case told DailyMail.com: ‘Katie Johnson’s account had been believable and compelling right up until the last minute. 

‘But new information emerged that suggested she had not been telling the truth.

‘Ultimately it was discovered that Donald Trump’s name had been inserted into this, he was not involved whatsoever. After that she had no credibility.’

“…she also said that in 1994 she had no idea who her attacker was and that it was only when she watched The Apprentice that she came to believe it was Trump, claiming that she could not forget her attacker’s face.”

I figure sharing this update is only fair!

2 thoughts on “I’m Voting For…

  1. Jeffrey I went through a very similar thought process on the election, although it was before the bogus rape allegation, which I might suspect was bought and paid for. My thinking ended up by asking myself is Mrs. Clinton could do the job of president while still keeping the lid on so many investigations at the same time… so essentially you and I were asking the same kinds of questions. Great post, by the way, and quite fair in the process.

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