2 Corinthians 5:18

Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation,

Reconciliation. When you reconcile yourself to someone or something, you’ve made peace.  You no longer fight again the person, thing, or situation.  It’s learning to not fight who or what can’t be overcome.

I work for a publicly-held company, a large, international corporation. I was able to spend some time this week at a conference with a colleague from out of country.  We were having a small gripe session about how things are managed, decisions that just don’t make sense.  I reminded him that the corporation is just taking care of the customers.  He gave me an odd look.

“Look here,” I said. “When you think ‘customer,’ you’re thinking of everyone at this conference.  That’s your mistake.  The only customer that really matters here is the stockholder.  Every publicly-held company really sells just one thing; stock shares.  Period.  Making pieces/parts is just an inconvenient way to do that.

“You make cars? That’s just a very hard way to sell stock.  Ditto for appliances, repair parts, boats, groceries…any company that is publicly-held and peddles anything, is really just there to sell stock.

“Once you reconcile yourself to that reality, life becomes much easier, much less stressful.”

God wants us to be reconciled to Him, because, well, we’re in a situation where things can go south for us very fast if we physically die without doing that.

A good deal of the Bible is warning us of another reconciliation; being reconciled to the reality of our existence. While we have always seemed to have things pretty nice her in America, we are in a dangerous world.  We might not be in physical peril, although that’s becoming more and more common.  We are certainly in moral and spiritual peril.

We should be reconciled to the fact that, as much as we may or may have loved our country, we are not the good guys anymore. World Wars I and II may have been our only high points.  If you get your history only from school texts, you won’t know that we provoked, virtually forced Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor.  We did manage to save Europe.  Twice.

I submit that as long as the general population feared God and kept His Word, the country was safe and blessed. This despite very questionable behavior of our government in any number of situations.

Read “Imperial Cruise” by James Bradley and learn the real forces behind Pearl Harbor.

If you think terrorists are responsible for 9/11, why are there traces of nano-thermite in samples taken from Ground Zero? Nano-thermite is an exotic, military grade “burner,” and the US military is the only producer of it in the world.

For the science behind 9/11, view this video:

Why do I bring all of this up? Because the world is a dangerous place, and that does not exclude America.  We are not even safe from our own government.

Our only safety lies in Jesus and the almighty, loving power of God. None of it; our tanks, our bombs, our guns, our SEALS…nothing is our salvation.  Only God.  The world is not our home, the world is not our friend.  That includes the USA, which I’ve always loved and been loyal to.   But other forces are taking control.

The country is no longer what it once was. That’s because the general population, as noted above, is no longer fearing God and Keeping His Word.  The general population hangs on every word of the Kardashians and Lady Gaga, not the Word of God.  The general population sees the government as their saviour and god who provides social welfare and all of their other needs.

This is a new paradigm for, not a new world, but the world that has always been here, for a world that has lulling us into complacency. This is the paradigm that is challenging us to wake up and reconcile ourselves to the reality we live in…and to God.

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