Ecclesiastes 3:4 [Full Chapter]

A time to weep, And a time to laugh

Some people think I’m not a nice person. I mean, just because I think fast and enjoy a good laugh doesn’t make me a bad guy, right?  Like the time when I worked at the appliance store in yesterday’s post.

We all were assigned to specific departments; some had large appliances; big ticket items (refrigerators, stoves, VCR’s, video cameras, etc.). Then there was my department of small electronics.  From boom boxes to Walkman’s, etc.  Finally, there was the audio room.  It was all about high end systems, multiple speakers, fledgling surround sound and so on.  It was the one department that could conceivably blow out the front windows.

One evening I was chatting with the manager of that audio department when two, very hot…I mean NICE, very nice young ladies walked in the door. Phil (not his real name) commented on how he’d love to meet one of them.  We watched them walk up to the office area, and I told him to just go and start talking to them.

OH, NO! Much too shy/scared/sissified to walk up to an attractive young lady.  So I told him I’d do it for him and started walking that way.  He tried to stop me but couldn’t before I was gone.

I think I actually HEARD him sweating.

Of course, I had no intention of sending them his way. I only planned to ask them if I could help them with anything.  When I got to them on the other end of the store, I did just that.  What did they say?

“We want to talk to someone about stereos.”

Too easy.

I spun around, spotted Phil who was watching me with some sort of mixture of hope and terror, and made a show of holding my hand high and pointing at him.

Gravity overcame his jaw, and, as those two luscious…I mean VERY nice young ladies headed right toward him, he started doing his best impression of a cornered animal. He looked here, there, and everywhere for some place to hide.  The boy was FRANTIC!

Then, in a brilliant display of panic short-circuiting intelligence, he all but bolted into the audio room.

Seriously? He thought he could successfully hide from two audio customers…in the audio room.


Well, to cut to the chase, he must’ve not sweated as much as I feared. He apparently managed not to pee his pants, nor did he seem to have gotten a fatal attack of the heminah-heminahs.  He marched out a while later, with both ladies in tow, having made the sale.  The stereo sale, that is.

That’s it for today. Nothing profound other than to share an old laugh with some good friends, maybe inspire you to find humor anywhere you can, and, finally, to ask you quite simply…

…none of this makes me a bad person, right?

Your ideas are important too!

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