Do it with Style!

Romans 12:15

Rejoice with those who rejoice…

Continuing with humor, I like having fun. I like pranking people spontaneously in harmless, humorous ways.

Years ago I worked at my company’s corporate offices. Coming back from lunch, I made my way through the parking lot in the rain.  I saw a wallet in the middle of a puddle, so I picked it up, determined to return it.  And have a little fun too!

I read her driver’s license, getting her name and quickly memorizing as many facts about her as I could. She was an accounting intern, so I headed to that office of cubicles.  I walked by the door slowly enough to be sure someone saw me.  Then I backed up and leaned in, frowning.

“Is there someone here named Tammy?” A perky young lady swung round in her chair, all smiles.

“That’s me!” So sweet.

“I just picked up your name. Now I’m getting something else.”  Straining.  “I see 7613.  But that isn’t the whole thing is it?  It’s part of a larger number, right?  Um…social security number?”

The smile starts to droop JUUUST a bit.

“I’m getting another name now. Let’s see.  Otis.  Is that your brother?  No!  Wait!  The street where you live?”

The smile is gone, and the other interns are backing away from me like I’m a leper.

“I can also see that you’ve recently lost something of great value.” Eyes getting bigger.  Then, very lightly I say, “Oh, yeah! Your wallet!” as I hold it out to her.

And the crowd goes wild.

You see, anyone can return a wallet. The trick is to do with style!

Did I brighten up everyone’s day? Did everyone have a good laugh?  Is this a funny story that “Tammy” will share more than once?  The correct is to all is “Yes.”

Why not try to go through life sharing some fun with people you meet? Why not be a bright spot instead of a dark cloud?

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