Forbidden Fruit?

Psalm 27:14

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

“You never know.”   Brent Spiner as Bob Wheeler on Night Court

Julie and I are on our way home from The Big Apple – New York City after a couple days there. Just that fact that we went is still somewhat surprising to me!

I started out in acting, and one would think New York would have been my destination. I had friends, however, who tried their luck in the Big Apple and came back as apple sauce.  One just couldn’t handle the lifestyle, and the other just couldn’t make it there, even though she’d done very well in Chicago.

Between that and my own misgivings about 911, who did what when, etc., that there were no terrorists, no planes, and our government did it to us, and the controlled implosions of the three buildings, well, I just wasn’t sure I wanted anything to do with it.

Lest you think I’ve drunk some Konspiracy Kool-aid, I’ll tell you I saw a billboard in two spots in Manhattan advertising a documentary of some sort where requests for public records have been stonewalled, and these questions are being raised in the open. One was on one of the Times Square jumbo-trons!  However…

…I have not come to “bury” New York, but to praise it. We had a good time.

The only reason to go was the chance to meet a former colleague, and Australian who came from Down Under on a “splurge” vacation with his wife; Bob and Marilyn.

We took a tour boat around the southern part of Manhattan, got close to the Statue of Liberty for photo ops, then got off near One World Trade. Bob and Marilyn wanted to go up to the observation deck and visit the memorial.  Julie and I went along; we figured they’d come a LOT farther than we had, so…

The view was spectacular, but the vista was so grand that I had a hard time seeing it all as being real. It felt like a could have been watching a projection.

The memorial site was impactful. If you’re not familiar with the memorial site, Google it.  I don’t think I could write a description to do it justice.  There were signs reminding people to remain respectful, so it was an area of reflection.

Yesterday we were on our own and visited the USS Intrepid, a WWII aircraft carrier. We also saw the shuttle Enterprise in an enclosure on the aft flight deck.  As a bonus – for me anyway – underneath Enterprise was the original shuttle craft Galileo from the original Star Trek series, fully restored.  For the record, I was NOT more impressed by it than Enterprise no matter what Julie said!

The last thing we saw there was one of the last diesel subs before the nuclear fleet started being produced; the USS Growler. It was the first ship to carry guided missiles, a forerunner of the Cruise missile.  It took 15 minutes for a practiced crew to unload them from their containers on deck and set them up to fire.  Their guidance systems were about as powerful as what you’d find most kids’ toys today.

So that was our visit to NYC. I never thought I’d leave North America once upon a time, but ended up going to England twice, Scotland, Paris, Germany, Strasbourg, and Puerto Rice twice.  I never had a real desire to go to NYC.  Friends had gone and returned.  The reputation for crime held me back.  The size, the crowded conditions, etc. all had me thinking it wasn’t going to happen.  I’d never have a reason to go.  Ever!

Then two friends from Australia make vacation plans there, and there I was; New York City! It was better than I expected.  I still don’t think I would like living there, but I know I could, if it came to that.  There are some fun restaurants; Serendipity comes to mind!  As a pedestrian, the auto traffic can be entertaining, especially with the horn blowing.  I did NOT get a chance to use my favorite al Pacino line; “HEY!  I’m WALKIN’ here!!”  Probably just was well.

Saying goodbye to Bob and Marilyn, I told her how I never thought I’d find myself in NYC. I never thought I’d see Bob again.  This was likely the last chance we’d ever have to meet up like this.  But Marilyn made the point of this article.

“Don’t say that! You never know what’s to come.”

That got me to thinking how true that is! All of the travels I’ve had to Europe were never expected.  The chances I’ve had to serve God and my fellow man, like Terence, have always come at the most unexpected times (see ELABORATE PLANS;

When I met Julie, I was so very lonely, thinking I’d never find a spouse, but then she came along. What seemed impossible or at least improbable happened wonderfully (talkin’ to you, Beauty)!

I wasn’t able to meet up with another friend, but have a raincheck for the next time I’m in New York. After Marilyn’s sage observation, I think it’s possible.  Even though it did take me 59 years to make it this time!  Maybe I’ll see her and ol’ Dodgy Bob again, even though he’s 67 and I’m going to be 60 next year.

Wait on the Lord. What should happen will.  You just need to keep your eyes open, don’t worry, and be patient.  God gives us all opportunities to give and opportunities to receive.  The more you can focus on giving, the more you’ll enjoy and appreciate the surprise receiving.  Because, guess what?

You never know!

4 thoughts on “Forbidden Fruit?

  1. Dear Brother Jeffrey, Thank you so much for your spiritfilled Teachings i am much strengthening here, please share more. your Brother Evangelist Babu. INDIA.

    On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 6:01 AM, Jeffrey H. King’s Blog wrote:

    > Jeffrey H. King posted: “Psalm 27:14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, > and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. “You never > know.” Brent Spiner as Bob Wheeler on Night Court Julie and I are on our > way home from The Big Apple – New York City after a c” >

    • Dear Sharat, I am so pleased that you are finding support here! This is why I write! If I can help a brother in Christ like you or give someone who doesn’t know Jesus some motivation to seek Him out, that’s all I ask form.

      I’ve been on vacation this week and so have not written much this week. I’ll be picking it up more soon!

    • TERRI! I was just thinking of you as I was driving today, so how wonderful to hear from you!! It was a very interesting experience. It was different from what I expected in aseveral ways; less dangerous (feeling) than I expected, narrower streets, overall smaller in area – Manhattan Island is only about 13 by 6 (?) miles. Of course, it goes UP forever it seems! Julie and I took two days to drive it each way, so we could take it easy and stay safe. It was also great to see my friend from Australia and his wife, who I’ve never met before! I’ll have to see when I’m back your way again for another visit!

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